4 Simple Steps to Add a WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rule

Not every price is fixed in time! By utilizing dynamic pricing in your WooCommerce store, you can avoid the hassle of having to create individual discount codes or manually adjust prices. All you need is the perfect plugin. I’m here to guide you through a tutorial to craft simple pricing and discount rules that you can apply with ease, especially with a free plugin. 

When Should You Offer WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount?

We all know that ‘dynamic pricing’ typically implies discounts and special offers for our customers. However, it’s important to remember that raising prices doesn’t always mean more sales – it’s always best to keep prices fair and reasonable.

With that said, there are a few delightful occasions when offering discounted prices to your users could be quite beneficial. For instance, when someone makes a purchase when you offer product bundles, to entice visitors to purchase certain products (e.g., during a great clearance sale), or as part of a loyalty rewards program.

These strategies are sure to help with those sales! Keep your WooCommerce prices up-to-date without the hassle of editing every product or item category separately – automation is the way to go!

How to Automatically Add WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount for Free

yaypricing dynamic pricing and discount plugin

One of the most well-known plugins in this WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discount plugin category is YayPricing. YayPricing is among the easy-to-use WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce-powered website, which helps you adjust WooCommerce pricing, and creates multiple pricing and discount rules to further enhance buyers’ experience and make more sales from your store.

Step 1: Create a New Product Pricing and Discount Rule

You can easily download & activate YayPricing in WooCommerce for free.

download and activate yaypricing in woocommerce for free

In the first tab Product Pricing, click “Add new rule” to start creating a product rule. 

click add new rule to create dynamic pricing and discount rule

Second, input the Name and Description, then select the Type of Rule.

general setting choosing type of dynamic pricing and discount rule

For example, if you want to apply simple dynamic discount rules like putting all hoodies on flash sale -5$, or offering 10% discounts for the big spenders, choose Simple adjustment. Because it allows you to set up basic and non-complex rules for product pricing. 

To distinguish these types of rules is quite easy, just take a look at the examples of each type in the table below:

Types of rulesExample
Simple AdjustmentDiscount 10% on all hoodies
Bulk Pricing Discount 10% when customers buy from 2 to 3 hoodies
BOGOBuy a hoodie, get a hoodie
Buy X Get YBuy two hoodie, get a beanie

In this tutorial, I will be walking you through the process of using the Simple Adjustment Rule. Though the workflow may vary slightly for other types of rules, I’m sure you’ll be able to tackle the others with ease too.

Step 2: Set Up the Price Modification for Specific Products

The first sub-tab Pricing allows you to set up the price modification for specific products. Let’s start with a case where you offer dynamic discounts on every clothing item in your store for the big spenders.

1. Choose which products you want to apply the WooCommerce dynamic discount/pricing rules

sub tab pricing to set up dynamic pricing and discount modification

Regarding the Applied Products, let’s filter out the clothing item category. If you choose Any, it means if any product matches one of these below filters, then it will be affected by this rule. If you choose All, all filters need to be matched so that the rule can be effective. 

choose which products are applied dynamic pricing and discount rule

So in this case, I will choose “All” to filter out the products that match all the exact filters. In the dropdown, I choose “product category” being one of the clothing, “product price” being greater than 10 dollars, and “product in stock” being greater than zero. 

2. Choose how your products’ pricing adjusts

Back to the pricing. You will see 5 Pricing Types

choose how the pricing adjust in woocommerce

The table below gives an illustration of how the final product prices look like under the different types of Pricing methods when the value “10” is set as an example.  

Pricing TypesValueProduct PriceAdjusted Price
Fixed discount10$20$20 – $10 = $10
Percentage discount10$20$20 – $2 = $18
Fixed fee10$20$20 + $10 = $30
Percentage fee10$20$20 + $2 = $22
Fixed price10$20$20

Regarding the Percentage discount and Percentage fee, you can input the maximum volume to limit the additional money at the range you want. 

input pricing value and maximum value when apply dynamic pricing and discount rule

Step 3: Configure How the Product Pricing and Discount Rule Works 

Now, move to the tab Setting, you can configure the Cart Options, Product Page Options, Schedules, and Maximum Usage.

configure how the dynamic pricing and discount rule works

Cart Options: Tick the checkbox to display the tooltip on the cart line item hover where your rules take effect. Fill in the content to show your customers a personalized message. To make it even easier, tags are provided to auto-fill for you – for example, [discount_amount], [final_price], and [discount_value]

Product Page Options: Tick the checkbox to show the offer description on the product page.

Configure How the Product Pricing and Discount Rule Works active dates maximum uses

Activate dates: If you want to set the timeline for your promotion, you can also enable the schedule to set the start time as well as the end time. 

Maximum uses: Don’t forget to make your deal look a bit rare. YayPricing has the option for you to limit the number of times the dynamic discount can be used in total. 

Step 4: Set the Condition Logic for the Dynamic Pricing & Discount Rule Application

Now, Jump into the tab Condition. This sub-tab will allow you to set the condition for the application of the Simple Adjustment Rule. 

set the condition logic for the dynamic Pricing and Discount Rule

This case is for a big spender, so I will set the condition that Cart Subtotal Price is greater than 100$.

Click Save Changes and start testing the dynamic pricing and discount rule on your WooCommerce store. For example, in the first case, I just add to cart 2 items with a subtotal price below $100. There is no dynamic discount applied on these items.

testing on dynamic pricing and discount rule and conditional logic

And again, I ordered 3 items with a subtotal greater than $100. The WooCommerce dynamic discount has been applied and clearly displayed with the prices and a hover for the explanation.

testing dynamic pricing and discount rule

In Conclusion,

YayPricing is the perfect solution for creating dynamic pricing and discount strategy for your online store. With the free version, you can quickly set up various dynamic pricing and discount rules for your products and services, while the PRO version includes additional features that can help you create a more sophisticated product pricing workflow.

Do you have any questions about WooCommerce dynamic pricing? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!
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