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Tiered Rates

Share Your Experience as a WordPress Expert.

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Accelerated Rate
Get a commission of 30% for your 10 first sales. Gain up to 60% in next accumulated sales. Terms applied.
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Our YayCommerce plugins are unparalleled. You can always find their unique selling points.
Extended Cookies
When a visitor clicks your link, the referral will stay for 90 days with your counted commissions.
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Accelerated Commission Rate


1+ sales


50+ sales


200+ sales


1,000+ sales


2,000+ sales


5,000+ sales


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my earnings?
Once registered, you'll have access to your affiliate dashboard with comprehensive reports to track all of your referrals, and watch your earnings grow.
How about transaction fee?
We bear the cost of PayPal transaction fee so that you will get the full amount of your monthly commissions.
If my customer renew the license, will I have any commission?
The affiliate commission is paid out on the initial purchase, not renewals.
Does the acceleration reset each month?
Tiered affiliate rates don't reset per month. It's your lifetime accrued sales count.
Can I get a custom affiliate rate?
Yes, we love happy partners. If you'd like to set up a long-term partnership, email us and present your pitch.

How You Get Paid?

For as long as you keep the referral links live, the commissions will continue to be in your wallet.

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