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YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Offer automatic pricing and discounts to design a powerful marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store.

Buy Now Before Price Goes Up!

Analytics Don’t Lie: Discounts Can Boost Sales

By using WooCommerce dynamic pricing, you can offer a gift or BOGO discount to your customers to let them know you are grateful for their visits! Who doesn't like 50% off something?

Meet WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

That’s why YayPricing is here to help you: Create dynamic pricing rules and maximize your conversion rate!

You can add many kinds of offers, and simply choose which one to prioritize according to your goals:

Welcome new customers
Capture leads
Boost average order value
Run clearance sales
Test, analyze & optimize
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Dynamic Pricing & Automated Discounts

Create unlimited discounts with unique pricing rules.
Auto-apply gift items or discounted prices when conditions are met.
Run time-based offers during Black Friday with countdown timer.

Personalized Discounts

Trigger WooCommerce discounts based on WordPress user roles.
Offer related product discounts based on items ordered in the past.
Show offer only when the customer has previously placed more than 5 orders.
Use this addong with either YayMail Free or Pro.

Effective Upsell Funnel

Display upsell notice to suggest the closest possible discounts in real-time.
Encourage existing customers to buy more & increase order value.
Improve customer loyalty by rewarding repeat purchases.

Smart Coupons

Create Buy X Get Y coupons with smart alert.
Easily decide whether or not it should work in conjunction with other discounts.
Send WooCommerce smart coupons via emails to customers.
Use this addong with either YayMail Free or Pro.

Get Ready to Double Your Sales!

With YayPricing, WooCommerce smart coupons and dynamic discounts are super easy to set up, even if you're not tech-savvy. This means you can immediately start using them out of the box to boost your sales!

Readymade Discount Rules

Start with pre-built campaigns: product pricing, cart discounts, free shipping & checkout rules.

Offer Order Bumps

Show personalized upsell notice on checkout, cart, single product, or custom location.

Gain Actionable Insights

Get to know your your top-performing discount rules in YayPricing's charts & reports.

Countdown Timer

Show an animated countdown to your campaign's start or end date. Add max use & last-minute perks.

Smart Offers

Exclude offers if the customer has already bought the product. Introduce next coupons based on your criteria.

Export/Import Campaigns

Easily save your sets of pricing rules for backup, sharing, and reuse purposes.

Features & Use Cases

  • Drag and drop a pricing rule to set its priority level.
  • Get shortcode of each pricing rule to display eligible products on specific page/post.
  • Toggle the switcher to enable or disable rules.
  • Add maximum monetary value for the percentage discount.
  • Show custom offer description on product page.
  • Show custom offer description only to those customers who match the corresponding conditions.
  • Use variables to output the discount's information in the description box.
  • Add media, images, GIFs, links, etc., to the description box.


  • Apply discounts based on regular price or sale price.
  • Disable product pricing rules when the product is on sale.
  • Show WooCommerce regular price on cart item.
  • Show sale tag for sale products on the product page/shop page.
  • Display sale off amount on the sale tag.
  • Show product discounted price.
  • Combine WooCommerce cart discounts. 
  • Use discount ID as coupon code.
  • Limit number of times a discount can be used in total.
  • Apply all applicable rules.
  • Apply the first applicable rule in your list.
  • Apply the rule with minimum discount amount.
  • Apply the rule with maximum discount amount.
  • Prevent a YayPricing rule from applying on top of WooCommerce regular coupons.
  • Exclude specific products or categories from the automatic discounts.
  • Customize WooCommerce quantity based pricing table's position, color, and style.
  • Dynamically display variable prices based on the selected variation.
  • Show custom messages using a visual rich text editor.
  • Add free shipping oriented notice.
  • Trigger discounted products on your promotion landing page.
  • Show up the next discountable products on cart page, minicart, and so on.

Best practices and use cases for your dynamic pricing & discount strategies:

Simple Automatic Discounts

  • Put all hoodies on sale.
  • Offer discounts only for high-end products.
  • Offer 10% off applied to all items purchased by specific customer roles.
  • BOGO, or WooCommerce free gift with purchase.

Buy X Get Y Discounts

  • Buy two get the third one free.
  • Buy a smartphone and get a free phone case.
  • Buy a laptop and get a headset at 50% off.

Bulk Pricing

  • Buy at least 20 units, get a 30% discount.
  • Buy from 5 to 10 units, get $5 off per unit.
  • Offer B2B price only to wholesale customer roles.

Cart Discounts

  • Fixed discount per individual cart item.
  • Percentage discount based on payment method or shipping region.

Free Shipping & Checkout Rules

  • Calculate your average order value (AOV) and offer free shipping on all orders 10% to 20% over that amount. 
  • Add custom fee to "Cash on delivery" payment method.
Pricing & Discount Types
Triggers & Conditions
✅ BOGO - Buy one get one free
✅ User roles
✅ Buy X get Y for free
✅ Specific users
✅ Buy X get Y with discount
✅ First-time buyers
✅ Buy X get Y with coupon required
✅ Logged in or guest users
✅ Fixed discount
✅ Cart subtotal value
✅ Percentage discount
✅ Cart item
✅ Flat price
✅ Cart total weight
✅ Discount per individual cart item
✅ Product tag
✅ Free shipping discount
✅ Product category
✅ Scheduled discount
✅ Product variation
✅ Cart category discount
✅ Luxury item buyers
✅ Product price based on quantity
✅ Payment method
✅ Tiered pricing with table
✅ Currency
✅ Checkout custom fee
✅ Single order product
✅ Wholesale pricing
✅ Single order category
✅ And more!
✅ Items ordered in the past


Grow Sales by 10x. Why Not?

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YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

YayPricing - Keep your customers dancing with joy!

Dynamic pricing made easy for eCommerce businesses of all sizes.

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Yes, you can pay with PayPal balance or credit card via PayPal gateway. It's fast, safe and secure.
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While there's not yet a free version for YayPricing, you can get to try YayPricing Demo here. Admin demo will be available soon!
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YayPricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts
Create bulk pricing, percentage off, fixed amount, buy X get Y discounts, and more
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