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YayExtra -  WooCommerce extra product options

YayExtra - WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro

Offer extra options like personal engraving, print-on-demand items, gifts, custom canvas prints, and personalized products.

Build better products with exciting WooCommerce extra product options

Looking to boost your online sales performance?
Start creating extra product options, product add-ons with additional fees, discounts, and conditional logic.

Meet WooCommerce Extra Product Options – YayExtra

With YayExtra, you will be able to insert extra product options into WooCommerce product form in 4 simple steps.

Create a group of product options
Add advanced product custom fields
Customize the fields to fit your website design
Assign to product pages in bulk
 Drag and drop WooCommerce extra product options
WooCommerce product page with extra custom fields

Advanced Product Fields

Allow your customers to personalize the product item with colors, image swatches, text fields, file upload, delivery date, time picker, and so on. Adding extra fees such as handling fee is also easy!

Assign to Product Page Quickly

Easily showcase the option sets on your product pages by hand-picking selections, or filtering by product categories or tags. Instead of editing each WooCommerce product, now you can bulk-add custom field to product programmatically.

Bulk assign option sets and fees to products
Display conditional extra fiels on WooCommerce product page

Conditional Field Display

Show/hide custom product fields or sections if any or all of several conditions are met. Moreover, you can preview and interact with product page before publishing it. When an extra option is expanded or selected, the product subtotal will be updated.

Boost Sales and Revenue

Enhance cross-selling and upselling by linking related products or services. The customer can buy a linked product as an extra product option, or get a special discount when they buy both.

Selling product add-ons with WooCommerce

Cross-Sell and Upsell Custom Products Better

Easy to Use

All settings nested in a single window make it simple to set up.

Ecommerce Optimized

Sell an upgraded or enhanced version of the original product.

Live Chat Support

The whole team works around the clock to respond to any issues.
Advanced product addons

Check below the screenshots of Extra Product Options Pro

More Features

Field types available in YayExtra Pro:

  • Text: Input field to allow the customer to type in name, phone number, address, personalized engraving characters, etc.
  • Email: Input field to allow the customer to type in email address.
  • Website URL: Input field to allow the customer to enter a website link.
  • Custom Text Format: Input field with specified rules such as allowing 20 characters including spaces.
  • Number: Input field to allow the customer to submit digits.
  • Checkbox: Multiple choice field type allowing multiple select.
  • Radio Button: Multiple choice field type allowing single select.
  • Button: Multiple choice type allowing single select.
  • Button (multi-selectable): Multiple choice type allowing multiple select in the button row.
  • Dropdown List: Multiple choice list box from which the customer can select a single option.
  • Swatches: Multiple choice field type of colors and image swatches that allow single select, such as materials, types of fabric, main colors, etc.
  • Swatches (multi-selectable): Multiple choice field type of colors and image swatches that allow multiple select, such as toppings, decorative items, auto parts, etc.
  • Date Picker: Calendar date picker for delivery date, birthday, and the like.
  • Time Picker: Time picker with hour and minute indicator which can be used for shipping/delivery time, pickup, schedule, etc.
  • File Upload: Image upload field type to receive photo, picture, and many other graphic file types uploaded by the customers.

Number and Text fields come with a variety of criteria to validate the input data. You can set min/max character count in those use cases like gift message, engraving, printing options, etc.

Single-choice list includes radio button, dropdown list, button, and swatches.

Multiple-choice list allows you to present product options in checkboxes, multi-selectable buttons and swatches.

Color and image swatches are feature-packed with customizable shapes, stacks, borders, and custom upload images.

You will able to add fees or discounts based on conditional pricing or customers' selected options.

Added option values make changes to single product pricing right on the product page.

Also, it shows additional line items and pricing on the cart page. This helps clearly show the cost details for extra services, printing fees, gift wrapping, insurance coverage, and so on.

YayExtra plugin is packed with tons of customization options and CSS styling so that you can tailor fit the new product custom fields to your favorite WooCommerce themes.

These modern and mobile responsive custom product fields are there to complement your customer's initial purchase.

YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options

YayExtra adds custom fields to products, and more sales to your revenue.

Start selling your customers on upgrading to more sophisticated products and additional services.

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Can I Pay with PayPal?
Yes, you can pay with PayPal balance or credit card via PayPal gateway. It's fast, safe and secure.
Is There a Free Trial?
YayExtra (Lite version) is available for free on, download it and set up WooCommerce custom fields now.
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Trusted by hundreds of online store owners just like you!

YayExtra is the ultimate alternative to WooCommerce Product Add-ons. I can create add-on fields for each product separately, or apply them in bulk.

B2B Store Merchant

A convenient solution to add extra fees and discounts to product add-on services. The team is also responsive and super helpful!

Business Owner

It provides all the features that I need. Works well with third-party multicurrency plugins.

Store Developer

Great plugin! I've used it on my print-on-demand store to sell custom badges and it does such a great job. The YayCommerce team also listens to what you need and goes great lengths to make it possible!

Start-up Company Rep

Glowing 5 stars for the excellent support! I'll definitely recommend this plugin to the fellows in my business groups.

E-commerce Manager

Super helpful and they even gave me a free upgrade!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% No Questions Asked Refund

Not happy with YayExtra? If this is not what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase without asking any questions.

YayExtra - WooCommerce Extra Product Options
Expand your product capabilities and gain more sales with advanced product fields
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