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Brandy Blocks

Add responsive Gutenberg predesigned blocks to your WordPress site. Create stunning & conversion-driven landing pages in minutes.

Boost Your Design Possibilities With Pre-Built Patterns & Advanced Blocks

Create professional WordPress landing pages without coding expertise or clunky page builders.

Testimonials block
Let your happy customers speak for themselves and boost social proof on your WordPress site.
And more!
We will be adding further blocks such as carousels, grids, and single-slide showcases.
Pricing block
Display a multi-column pricing table with a highlighted plan, feature lists, and icons.
Products block
Showcase lists of products quickly with beautiful, ready-made layouts to match your brand style.

FAQs about Brandy Blocks

What are the main differences between blocks and patterns?
A block is an individual Gutenberg element, while a pattern can be a group of blocks.
Is this plugin always free to use?
Brandy Blocks plugin is 100% free and can be used with any WordPress block theme. However, it inherits the functionality and styling of the Brandy theme, so you will get the best outcome if you use them both.
Are Brandy blocks easy to use?
All Brandy's block-based template parts are predesigned and ready to use.
Does this plugin come with AI integration?
This is not something currently supported in our plugin. But it has been brought up a few times, and at some point, if we get more requests, we would love to add this feature.
Can I use Brandy's blocks with other WordPress classic themes, block themes, and FSE child themes?
Yes, you can use this plugin with all kinds of WordPress themes. However, as themes' structures differ from one another, you may be required to make further customizations to achieve the look and feel you see in the Brandy theme.

Start Adding Blocks Today!

Fine-tune your WordPress page appearance with advanced styling and layouts of Brandy Blocks.