YayMail Addon for PW WooCommerce Gift Cards
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YayMail Addon for PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

Customize PW WooCommerce Gift Cards emails in YayMail – a drag and drop email builder for WooCommerce.

FAQ about Customizing PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Email

1. Can I send gift cards by email?

Yes, you can easily send gift cards to your customers as a token of appreciation through email.

2. How do I add a gift message in WooCommerce?

If you are using PW WooCommerce Gift Cards, you can easily edit the color, title, and other details. However, to add a gift message, you may need to use a WooCommerce email builder to customize your email templates fully.

YayMail is an excellent email builder that not only lets you add gift messages but also personalizes emails with videos, shortcodes, social media links, recommended products, and more.

3. How do email gift cards work?

To get started, you’ll need to decide things like when the gift card should end, where it can be redeemed (in the cart or at checkout), whether you want to use the WooCommerce transactional email system, etc. You can easily accomplish this task with the help of PW WooCommerce Gift Cards.

Once you’ve set up the basics, you can customize all the WooCommerce Gift Cards email templates using Email Customizer for PW WooCommerce Gift Cards.