Are you passionate about crafting content and sales leads campaigns for your Facebook fan page?

If you’re looking to boost your engagement rates, then it’s time to consider DoopChat. It makes use of Facebook comments and seamlessly transfers the conversations to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook comment auto reply with DoopChat

With DoopChat, every comment receives an auto-reply in two powerful ways:

  • Public Comment Replies: Keep the conversation going in the comment section, making your posts more lively and active.
  • Private Messenger Replies: Move the conversation to a private space, allowing for more personalized and in-depth interactions.

As you can see, DoopChat helps you capture high-quality leads. Thus, you can quickly sort through the casual commenters and grab potential customers.

DoopChat Features:

  • Customizable responses: Tailor your auto-replies to match the tone and voice of your brand. Trigger different replies based on keywords in the comment.
  • Analytics and insights: Quickly watch your engagement rate grow, and see which works best.
  • Boost your page visibility: Higher engagement on your posts can lead to increased visibility on Facebook’s algorithm. Therefore, you will be able to reach a broader audience and attract more potential followers.

Ready to take your Facebook engagement to the next level?

DoopChat is the tool you need to make it happen. By automating replies in both public and private channels, you can enhance interaction, generate leads, and save valuable time. Try DoopChat today and watch your Facebook fan page thrive like never before!

Auto Reply to Facebook Comments with DoopChat

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