YayMail Addon for SUMO Subscriptions
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YayMail Addon for SUMO Subscriptions

Use YayMail to customize the email templates of SUMO Subscriptions - WooCommerce Subscription System.

Email Customizer for SUMO Subscriptions

Email Customizer for SUMO subscriptions emails and reminders in WooCommerce

SUMO Subscriptions plugin helps create simple subscriptions, variable subscriptions, and grouped product subscriptions.

Are you using SUMO Subscriptions to send subscription emails, reminders and other notifications?

Then you should customize all the subscription email notifications! And the great news is, Email Customizer for SUMO Subscriptions can help you re-design all templates:

  • Subscription New Order – Old Subscribers
  • Subscription Processing Order
  • Subscription Completed Order
  • Subscription Paused
  • Subscription Invoice – Manual
  • Subscription Expiry Reminder
  • Subscription Automatic Renewal Reminder
  • Subscription Automatic Renewal Success
  • Subscription Payment Overdue – Automatic
  • Subscription Payment Overdue – Manual
  • Subscription Suspended Order – Automatic
  • Subscription Suspended – Manual
  • Subscription Turn off Automatic Payments – Success
  • Subscription Pending Authorization
  • Subscription Cancel – Success
  • Subscription Cancel – Request Submitted
  • Subscription Cancel – Request Revoked
  • Subscription Expired

🧐 Why you should use SUMO Subscriptions and YayMail together?

✅ SUMO Subscriptions is a powerful plugin that allows businesses to create a WooCommerce subscription system.

✅ YayMail is a versatile email customizer that allows businesses to design and personalize their email notifications. It come withs a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to create emails without any coding knowledge.

🤝 As you can see, SUMO Subscriptions plugin and YayMail builder are a perfect match because they both work together to help eCommerce businesses manage subscription products and send email notifications to the subscribers.

💪 Pro Tips

Here are some practical examples of how SUMO Subscriptions and YayMail can be used together:

  • You could use YayMail to create a custom subscription confirmation email that includes a link to an article, a welcome video or a video thumbnail of a guide on how to use the subscription product.
  • Send customized renewal reminder emails to subscribers a few days before their subscription is set to renew. These emails could include a special offer to encourage subscribers to renew their subscriptions.
  • Also, create custom email blocks to promote subscription products/services to existing subscribers. These campaigns could include exclusive offers, discounts, and early access to the latest products.

Overall, SUMO Subscriptions and YayMail are a powerful combination that can help eCommerce businesses to manage subscriptions and send effective email notifications to the subscribers.

Happy customizing! 💛