YayMail Premium Addon for WooCommerce Deposits

YayMail Premium Addon for WooCommerce Deposits
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YayMail Premium Addon for WooCommerce Deposits

Customize WooCommerce Deposits emails in YayMail – a drag and drop email builder for WooCommerce.

FAQ about Customizing WooCommerce Deposits Email

1. What is WooCommerce Deposits?

WooCommerce Deposits by Webtomizer is a plugin that lets you offer your customers the option to pay deposits or choose a payment plan for your products or services. This means that they don’t have to pay the full amount upfront, which can be a big help for some customers.

2. How often should I send a reminder email for payment?

Typically, we suggest sending a friendly reminder shortly before the invoice due date, another one shortly after, and then periodically thereafter. However, the timing and frequency of your reminders will depend on your specific payment terms.

3. What are kinds of WooCommerce emails should I send for deposits process?

To ensure a successful deposit process, it is recommended to send various types of emails that correspond to the specific details of your process. Essential emails to send include notifications for:
1. Partial Payments.
2. Full Payment.
3. Deposit Payment Received.
4. Partial Payment Received.
5. Partial Payment Reminder.

4. Why should use YayMail to customize WooCommerce Deposits?

With YayMail’s cutting-edge drag-and-drop interface, you can fully customize all five email templates to match your unique brand. Adding videos, dynamic content, conditional blocks, and crafting friendly messages to nurture customer relationships has never been easier.

5. How to customize and automate email for WooCommerce Deposits?

To get started, make sure you have the following plugins activated:

1. WooCommerce.
2. WooCommerce Deposits.
3. YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer (Free or Pro): This will enable YayMail core builder.
4. YayMail Premium Addon for WooCommerce Deposits: This will add deposit email templates to YayMail core builder.

Once you have these plugins activated, you can easily access to the WooCommerce Deposits email templates in YayMail.

Then simply follow our tutorial on how to customize your WooCommerce email templates with YayMail.