Make Christmas Different Together with #wpgivesahand

Make Christmas Different Together with #wpgivesahand

Hey folks,

You’ve probably heard some buzz about WordPress Gives a Hand or #wpgivesahand?

What the Hashtag #wpgivesahand Means?

This hashtag originates from Visual Composer’s 2020 Christmas charity movement. The campaign, namely, WordPress Gives a Hand will occur during the first week of the Christmas season, which is from December 21st to December 27th, 2020.

WordPress Gives a Hand encourages multiple WordPress themes and plugins’ developers to join and offer donations to charity or non-profit organizations of choice.

With this participation, a portion of their revenue will be used to help those in need. Each participant is free to choose the cause they want to support. Visual Composer, for example, decides to donate 10% of the income earned during December 21st and December 27th to the SOS Children’s Villages International.

The Role of YayCommerce

And so we have got the heads-up from the fellow NinjaTeamWP. They spread the word and got us intrigued.

YayCommerce had run multiple discount campaigns during Covid-19 and Black Friday and then extended Cyber Monday sales. Should we repeat it for the incoming Christmas?

Doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome makes us feel like falling into a cliché. To avoid being among ruminants, we are hopping on the brilliant campaign hatched by the team behind Visual Composer.

We take part in WordPress Gives A Hand campaign, side by side with awesome WordPress developers.

The Actions We Take

We are willing to share 10% of our income during December 21 – 27 with two organizations that provide support to children and people with disabilities.

Our Chosen NPOs:

1. Room to Read

This non-profit organization aims to develop literacy skills and reading habit among primary school children. 

They have helped millions of children, especially secondary schoolgirls, get prepared with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

2. Sapporo Ichigokai

Sapporo Ichigokai is a supportive community in Hokkaido, Japan. This organization for independent living is run by Mrs. Michiko Osanai, a Sapporo-based disability activist. She aims to raise awareness of persons with disabilities. 

Since 1977, they have given courage to people with disadvantages to live freely in the community. For example, they have urged to install toilets for people with disabilities everywhere, to install elevators at subway stations, improve their walking guidance, and to help them enjoy their lives.

Over to You

With this initiative which is rare to see among WordPress communities, we hope you can also get on board to increase donations and help more people. 

You can help us by making a purchase of YayMail or YaySMTP today!

Or share this post and include the hashtag #wpgivesahand.

Let’s get involved and generate a value, not just revenue. 😉

Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen

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