YayMail Addon for Affiliate for WooCommerce
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YayMail Addon for Affiliate for WooCommerce

Customize affiliate email templates to run a successful affiliate program with YayMail for WooCommerce.

YayMail Addon for Affiliate for WooCommerce (by StoreApps)

Email Customizer for WooCommerce Affiliates extension

Affiliate For WooCommerce allows you to create your own affiliate program in WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can use coupons for tracking referrals, set flexible commission plans, set up multilevel referral progress, and more.

To keep your affiliates posted about their points and commission, you need to send additional emails to them including:

  • Affiliate – Commission Paid
  • Affiliate – New Conversion Received
  • Affiliate Manager – New Registration Received
  • Affiliate – Welcome email
  • Expiring Points
  • Update Points

That’s why this YayMail Addon for Affiliate For WooCommerce comes to help you design those emails visually. Check out these available premium plans and pick one that fits best with your store.

FAQ about Email Customizer for Affiliate for WooCommerce

1. Which email templates can I customize for my WooCommerce affiliate systems?

If you are using Affiliate for WooCommerce (by StoreApps) to manage your affiliate systems, you can customize some email templates such as Pending Request, Commission Paid, New Conversion Received, Welcome Email.

However, if you want to fully customize these templates to match your email system, we recommend using the Email Customizer for Affiliate for WooCommerce StoreApps plugin.

2. How to edit affiliate notification email sent to affiliates?

If you want to customize the affiliate notification email sent to your affiliates after setting up the Affiliate for WooCommerce system, you can use YayMail, a drag-and-drop email builder. To learn how to customize a specific email template in YayMail, follow these basic steps:
1. Add columns and element blocks with ease
2. Edit WooMail content and media in a single window
3. Customize font, color, background, padding, and more
4. After customizing your email, preview and send a test email to see what your WooCommerce affiliate notification emails will look like when it’s sent to your affiliates.

3. How to customize an effective Affiliate Welcome email?

An affiliate welcome email is a great way to help new affiliates get started on the right foot. In order to make it effective, be sure to include important information such as how to sign up, how to access the affiliate platform, how to set up tracking, and what resources are available to them.

With YayMail, you can easily customize the content and design of your welcome email to make it as impressive as possible for your affiliates.