5 Best BuddyPress Themes for WordPress

5 Best BuddyPress Themes for WordPress

Are you in search of compelling Buddypress themes that are productive and functional to deliver the best of services?

Do not look further as we have an updated list of promising BuddyPress themes that are sure to add much more specifications and functionality to your BuddyPress websites. There are many advantages of having a BuddyPress theme that is upgraded and carries all essential features to assist you in your website development. 

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is one of the most influential plugins through which users can create community websites with additional features inspired by Facebook.

With the help of BuddyPress, users can have a ready website with specifications such as the ability to create member profiles and panels, adding friends and family, access to an activity stream, and the ability to create compelling user and discussion forums.

Let us browse through some of the best BuddyPress themes available to make the WordPress-powered social network experience immersive and promising. 

Let’s start diving into the list of the best BuddyPress themes.

BuddyX Theme

BuddyX theme for community

BuddyX theme is one of the best BuddyPress themes available that embrace the features of the plugin in the best way possible. The theme can help create a website with added benefits of community and social networking where people can come and create member profiles, send friend requests, and have an interactive user activity stream.

The theme also comes with additional plugin support such as Learndash, TutorLMS, and LifterLMS through which websites can have a function where they can conduct direct sales of online courses and curriculums.

Similarly, BuddyX also comes with a Woocommerce integration that can easily convert any BuddyPress website into an online e-commerce store. BuddyX also is extremely adaptable and user-friendly that offers easy navigation and simple settings to customize elements of the website. 


  • Create an engaging social network and community website with BuddyX
  • BuddyX comes with three social learning plugins called TutorLMS, LifterLMS, and LearnDash through which web admin can sell online courses from the website
  • BuddyX also comes with a Woocommerce integration that helps the website transform into a social marketplace to sell products and merchandise
  • Create paid communities and online forums 
  • Social gamification feature to unlock digital rewards and certifications
  • Additional plugin support for complete marketplace transformation via Dokan and WC vendor plugin

Reign BuddyPress Theme

Reign BuddyPress theme is yet again a promising BuddyPress theme that offers website layouts and functions for any community genre/niche website.

The theme comes with features such as creating a social network that allows the users to have social media accounts with member profiles and the ability to send friend requests to people. The theme also supports online chat and messaging as well as external plugin support.

Reign theme comes with embedded plugin support of LearnDash through which website admin can sell online courses to a global audience. Similarly, the theme also comes with a Social marketplace plugin called WooCommerce through which a website can seek a total transformation and become a legitimate eCommerce store facilitating the sale of merchandise. 


  • Create interactive social networking website with reign Buddypress theme
  • Reign theme also offers LearnDash support to sell courses directly from the website
  • Community features of Buddypress allow the theme to create an engaging online community
  • The theme also comes with Woocommerce to facilitate online sales and service
  • Reign also comes with additional plugin support of Dokan, Buddypress, WC vendors and WCFM
  • The theme also supports Easy Digital Downloads
  • Gutenberg ready and user friendly


BuddySocial theme

BuddySocial is another alternative for users who wish to seek community-driven websites and compatibility with the Buddypress platform. The theme is extremely user-friendly and allows the users to create community membership websites in a few clicks.

The theme comes with Woocommerce and Learndash integration that gives access to the website admin to sell online courses directly to the customers through the website (LearnDash) and also any e-commerce merchandise available can also be sold with BuddySocial theme (Woocommerce). The theme also allows the user to have access to a social blogging function where the admin can post compelling blog posts that can be served as a form of service to the users. 


  • The theme supports online community features and allows the users to create social communities online. 
  • The theme also promotes social marketplace integration via Woocommerce to convert the website into a social marketplace of all sorts. 
  • The theme also supports the social blogging feature to add compelling social media posts and content. 
  • Create social networking websites like Facebook with BuddySocial in an easy manner


Woffice community theme on themeforest

The office is another promising theme for Buddypress that comes with a lot of added features and specifications. The theme offers features such as custom login pages, design, and directory options to allow users to have comprehensive control over their website. The theme also supports e-commerce plugins to create social marketplace websites and is available in multiple languages to assist consumers from all over the world.


  • Create member directories, complete profile page with buddypress supported elements such as adding friends, personal chat, and custom member layout
  • The fully responsive theme with additional 15 language support. 
  • Demo content included video tutorials available for easy setup. 
  • Added calendar support
  • Graphs and forms integration(Gravity)
  • LearnDash and Woocommerce plugin support 


KLEO Buddypress wordpress theme

Kleo is another popular theme that supports all associated specifications of the buddypress platform. The theme is highly customizable and can help create several communities enriched with social media networking elements. The theme comes with 25 designed demos, the admin can anytime create new sidebars, help set up new layouts and templates at any given point. Kleo also comes with a dedicated news section/magazine column that can be of use to users who like to stay updated with the recent news and information/events. 


  • Paid membership plans with Kleo theme
  • Blog feature to non-professional blogging in different niches and layouts
  • Sensei, Woocommerce, Buddypress, and bbpress support making a website turn into a social marketplace, social learning website, and interactive dashboards availability. 
  • Google maps integration
  • Geo directory support


Buddypress is a unique interactive plugin that offers support to websites that can help enhance social community wordpress theme and features are essentials to help the brand seek global reach.

Community websites have better visibility and user interaction and can help businesses earn stable revenues and profits. Buddypress also provides dependable services with enhanced social networking features where users can add friends, have access to compelling user feeds like Facebook, and also have content that can be shared, liked, and commented on.

The associated themes also play an essential role in harmonizing with the specifications of the plugin and make the website look compelling, unique, and one of a kind. We hope that this article helped make you choose the best theme for your BuddyPress website. 


Shashank Dubey, a contributor of Wbcom Designs is a blogger and a digital marketer. He writes articles associated with different niches such as WordPress, SEO, Marketing, CMS, Web Design, and Development, and many more.

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