9+ Best WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugins in 2024

Are you looking for ways to offer personalized products to your customers? If yes, then today we have ten of the best WooCommerce product customizer plugins, which open up endless possibilities for your business.

But before going further, let’s see why utilizing the product customizer plugin for the WooCommerce site is essential.

Why You Need WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugins

WooCommerce product customizer plugins allow you to tailor your products to fit each customer’s needs and preferences. Also, you can easily add customization options to your products, such as color choices, engraving options, or even the ability to upload custom designs.

You can let your clients personalize their purchases rather than provide basic stuff. This promotes brand loyalty and improves client satisfaction.

Moreover, a WooCommerce product customizer plugin allows you to manage and track all the customizations made by your customers easily. This valuable data can help you better understand your customer’s preferences and make informed inventory management and product development decisions.

Now you know why you need a WooCommerce product customizer plugin. Next, the following section will show you factors to consider while looking for such plugins.

What to Look for In WooCommerce Product Customizer Plugins

With so many options in the marketplace, it’s not easy to choose the right one. That’s why here are a few things to look for when selecting a WooCommerce product customizer plugin.

  • Ease of use: User-friendly interface and intuitive design for easy navigation through the customization options.
  • Customization: This must include various features that allow you to personalize your products to suit your unique needs, from changing colors and fonts to adding images and text.
  • Compatibility: Look for a plugin that seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce setup. It should work well with your theme, other plugins, and any additional customizations you may have made.
  • Flexibility: Select a flexible plugin to accommodate future updates and changes to your website without causing disruptions or requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Security: Consider a plugin with SSL encryption and secure payment gateways to protect sensitive customer data.

By finding a plugin that ticks all these boxes, you’ll be well on your way to creating a visually stunning online store that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Now that you understand the essential factors to consider, let’s begin with our list of WooCommerce product customizer plugins.

Every plugin comes with unique features. We’ll briefly overview these plugins, outlining the key features and available prices.

1. Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce - WooCommerce product customizer plugins

Zakeke WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. This plugin lets customers personalize any item and see a fully personalized 3D preview before purchasing.

The flexibility of Zakeke continues beyond customization options. Businesses can charge a percentage or a fixed rate for each customization, ensuring they are compensated appropriately for the added value provided.

Moreover, Zakeke goes beyond traditional product customization by incorporating augmented reality (AR) capabilities, showing customers a 3D replica of their customized product right in their house!

But Zakeke doesn’t just focus on individual businesses; it also offers seamless integration with extra commerce channels and stores. Connecting and managing multiple platforms through your Zakeke account can expand your reach and maximize your sales potential.


  • • Includes more than 140 million high-quality images
  • • Try a product with the Virtual Try-on feature
  • • Set the price you wish to charge for each customization
  • • Integrates with tools like Printful, Zapier, OrderDesk, and many more
  • • Customizer’s UI is compatible with all devices and screen sizes


Zakeke is a freemium WooCommerce plugin. The WordPress plugin repository offers a free version, and its official website offers a premium version that costs $14 monthly.

2. Kickflip Product Customizer

Kickflip - WooCommerce product customizer plugins

Kickflip Product Customizer plugin takes your custom product creation process to the next level. With its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, you can effortlessly design outstanding product customizers, even if you need to become a technical expert.

By incorporating various types of questions, such as dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, image thumbnails, and file uploaders, you can engage your customers with different interactive experiences.

The plugin offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to provide your customers with a visually stunning representation of their design. Whether through vibrant images, captivating colors, expressive text, or unique fonts, Kickflip ensures that every aspect of their custom product is brought to life.


  • • Live product preview with multiple angles
  • • Dynamically add color to sections of your product
  • • Modify individual components to see the combined effect
  • • Make upsells by creating a visual mix and match of products
  • • Customers can make custom adjustments and get real-time pricing


Kickflip is a freemium plugin. You can download the free version from the WordPress repository. It has no setup or monthly fee, but you must pay 2.19% for each successful sale.

3. Ouidah – Custom Product Designer for WooCommerce

Ouidah – Custom Product Designer for WooCommerce by orionorigin

Another great plugin for creating custom products on the front end is called Ouidah – Custom Product Designer for WooCommerce.

Whether it’s personalized t-shirts, unique business cards, eye-catching stickers, or any other printable item, Ouidah lets your customers create and customize to their hearts’ content.

This plugin by OrionOrigin is packed with features to empower both merchants and customers. With social media integration, advanced image editing tools, and comprehensive upload control, your design possibilities are endless.


  • Built-in photo editors: SVG file editor and photo effects such as grayscale, sepia, invert, blur, sharpen, and more
  • Define custom pricing rules based on the complexity of each design
  • Fully personalize the purchases
  • Choose pre-made templates or blank canvas
  • Store the original version or attachments

4. Dastomize- Advanced Interactive Product Designer

Dastomize - WooCommerce product customizer plugins

Dastomize is one of the leading Woocommerce product customizer plugins and is an essential tool for eCommerce and print-on-demand businesses. As an All-In-One Interactive Personalization & Growth Acceleration Management Platform (PGAM), it offers a reliable solution for merchants and entrepreneurs looking to scale their operations.

With Dastomize, you can effortlessly create and sell personalized print-on-demand products on various eCommerce platforms. This powerful software goes beyond product customization. It also efficiently manages orders, products, libraries, and more.

Additionally, the app’s Product Templates feature provides even more flexibility by allowing you to import existing catalogs from popular fulfillment suppliers or create custom templates tailored to your specific needs.


  • Connect your store with other platforms with API integrations
  • Access to expert advice and guidance
  • A dedicated support team to help in real-time
  • Monitor and evaluate your everyday orders
  • Resize and arrange your design with free and paid mockups


Dastomize is a freemium plugin with two pricing options. The business plan costs $39 per month.

5. Spiff 3D Product Customizer

Spiff3d - WooCommerce product customizer plugins

The Spiff 3D Product Customizer plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and revolutionizes customer interaction with your products. By harnessing the power of Spiff3D, users can now personalize products in stunning 3D and even view them in augmented reality.

The cutting-edge technology of this plugin offers a unique advantage for businesses by allowing customers to visualize the finished product before making a purchase. This feature dramatically reduces the perceived risk of online shopping and minimizes cart abandonment rates.

Additionally, the plugin offers a remarkable functionality that enables users to transform their logos into fonts, providing a distinctive touch to their brand identity. Moreover, recognizing the limitations of mobile screens, this innovative tool allows consumers to quickly toggle between full and half-screen views, ensuring a seamless workflow experience.


  • • Randomized backdrops from images
  • • Customers can select from a variety of Finishes and Textures
  • • Allow you to reuse designs for various product lines and variations
  • • Print in-store to any number of locations without checking out
  • • Set pricing for any variation that is generated.


Spiff 3D Product Customizer is a freemium plugin. The base plan costs $99/month on Spiff3d’s website, and the free version is available on the WordPress repository.

6. Customer Product Builder for WooCommerce

custom product builder

With the Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce, you can transform your ideas into tangible creations. This plugin allows users to unleash their creativity and bring their concepts to life in printed form.

By incorporating a drag-and-drop feature, customers can easily design and order personalized products that reflect their unique style. The possibilities are endless, whether they want to add custom text, insert images, or resize elements.

Additionally, they have complete control over font size and style, ensuring that every detail is perfect. As an admin, you can effortlessly track all designer orders on a dedicated page, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.


  • • Seamlessly incorporate additional images into the existing product or canvas
  • • Create an endless number of designer products
  • • Downloadable custom-design images or pre-existing artwork
  • • Plethora of fonts to write text
  • • Comes with a brush Tool to draw intricate designs directly on the product


Custom Product Builder is a freemium plugin. While the premium version costs $39.99/year on the official website, the free version is available for download via the WordPress repository.

7. Product Designer for WooCommerce

product designer for WooCommerce

Product Designer for WooCommerce is an invaluable tool that empowers your users to create and personalize products tailored to their unique tastes and preferences. By offering this level of flexibility, you enhance the customer experience and foster a sense of ownership and satisfaction among your clientele.

The ability to design and customize products allows customers to feel they are purchasing a truly one-of-a-kind item, elevating their perception of your brand and driving repeat business.

Furthermore, with Product Designer for WooCommerce, you can monetize this feature by charging customers for using elements like images, texts, clip art, etc. This additional revenue stream can significantly contribute to the growth and success of your online store.


  • • Use SVG file vectors for product design
  • • Showcase more possibilities for the customized WooCommerce product
  • • Personalize products by adding variations features like color and size
  • • Allows to add pictures, clipart, text, or shape
  • • Determine the price for each additional customizable option


Product Designer for WooCommerce is a premium WooCommerce plugin that costs $10.75 monthly.

8. WP Configurator

WP Configurator

The WP Configurator plugin is a powerful tool designed for WordPress and WooCommerce. It allows customers to create their unique configurations in real time, taking product customization to the next level.

This plugin offers texture changes and component selections beyond basic customization options. By working with layered images in PNG format, you have unlimited creative freedom to create stunning visual representations of your products. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases conversion rates.

With the WP Configurator Plugin, you can provide an interactive and immersive shopping experience that sets your eCommerce store apart from the competition. Customers can see what they get before purchasing, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer returns.


  • • Offers six distinct design skins or templates
  • • Includes text, graphics, colors, and other design components
  • • Import and export customized products to other websites
  • • Download or share their product configurations
  • • Comes with KingComposer page builder


WP Configurator is a premium WooCommerce plugin with three pricing tiers. The most basic annual subscription is $79.

9. Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer is a great plugin for creating customized goods. It combines with Prinful to create and send out products automatically. Additionally, every element and image used for customization is responsive.

It is accessible through the well-organized settings of this plugin. You can also utilize JPG, PNG, and SVG as supported data types. That’s not the end of it. Your website can include photographs from your social media accounts and other websites.

All in all, the features and functionalities offered by this plugin work flawlessly with any item, such as banners, t-shirts, etc. Adequate functions are built into every applicable design to ensure everything is tracked.


  • Create visuals with the WYSIWYG design interface
  • Supports images, texts, and an advanced color system
  • Flexibility to put each design on a separate layer
  • Works with various color channels and apply multiple filters
  • Design unique mask shapes instead of square and rectangle


You can get the Fancy Product Designer plugin from the CodeCanyon marketplace at $69 (one-time fee).

10. Lumise WooCommerce Product Customizer

lumise plugin

With the Lumise WooCommerce Product Customizer plugin, designing, selling, and printing custom products has never been more straightforward. This powerful plugin allows you to tap into your customer’s imagination and bring their unique ideas to life.

The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to set up and use, saving you valuable time and money on other essential tasks. Whether you’re creating custom t-shirts or business cards, Lumise supports a wide range of printable products. Also, the attention to detail ensures that your customers receive products that are not only personalized but also visually stunning.

From DTG printing to silk screening and sublimation to digital embroidery, this plugin has all the tools you need to configure detailed pricing for each printing technology. With Lumise, you can rest assured that the design attached to each order will be of the highest quality, thanks to its support for 300 DPI resolution.


  • • Contains everything from WordPress carousels to page builders
  • • Comes with free Lumise themes
  • • Modify the editor’s interface from the admin panel
  • • Customers can print and save the images from a browser
  • • Disable the functions based on usability


Lumise is a premium WooCommerce plugin that costs $69 (one-time fee) and can be purchased from the Codecanyon Marketplace.


That’s the end of our list of the top 9 best WooCommerce product customizer plugins for WooCommerce. You can easily integrate any of these plugins into your existing WooCommerce store and start offering product customization options to your customers in no time.

These plugins enhance the customer experience, help you differentiate yourself from competitors, and gather valuable customer data. With its flexibility and customization options, a WooCommerce product customizer plugin opens up endless possibilities for your business.

So, if you plan to use the plugins listed above, please comment below with which WooCommerce product customizer plugin you’ll use.

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