Ways to Get WooCommerce Support from Experts

Ways to Get WooCommerce Support from Experts

Are you looking for WooCommerce theme & plugin support?

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you know that running an online store is not as easy as just putting up a shop and hoping that customers will come.

WooCommerce support offers very limited channels including a Zendesk ticket system for premium users and WordPress WooCommerce support forum for free users. But there are still many useful resources to give you a helping hand when you need them.

There can be hassles once in while and the issues can be related not only to your WordPress environment and hosting conditions but also geo-locations, browsers, and devices. To help you tackle those issues, we are compiling the most useful WooCommerce support resources to help you out.


One of the primary marketplaces where you can find WooCommerce professional developers is WooExperts.

WooExperts search page

Browsing right from the marketplace may not be so useful because there is no ranking system to help you filter the most prestigious ones. But if you browse the WooCommerce live site showcase, you will see lots of sample websites with different styles of design and functionalities. From there, you will have some basics to get to know the WooCommerce experts and pick the right one for your projects.

Discussion groups

Regarding general WordPress platform issues, visit Fixing WordPress Forum and you will find how-tos, ways of troubleshooting, and solutions provided by the community.

WordPress eCommerce Support

In this community group for WooCommerce training, you are free to ask any questions you may have about your WordPress eCommerce website.

Moreover, they will teach you how to override colors, fonts, layouts using CSS and even change or add new functionalities using JS, PHP.

WooCommerce Help & Share

This Facebook group provides insights into what you may encounter when developing your WooCommerce website. The members have raised many questions and issues. They also get community support and these may ultimately help you understand your issues and find workarounds to troubleshoot them.

In this group, the active members can show you how to achieve some basic yet effective WooCommerce customization tips.

External mentors

Apart from peer-to-peer discussion groups, we encourage WooCommerce merchants to think beyond the free advice and to seek additional feedback from external mentors.

Elementor Experts

Explore Elementor Experts →

Business Bloomer

WooCommerce customization experts

This portal provides multiple subscription packages to help your WooCommerce business in many aspects. These include:

  • Premium access to WooCommerce mentorship.
  • Full access to advanced WooCommerce customization articles, video lessons, and other dev resources.
  • Get advice directly from business members via their private Slack channel.
  • Get exclusive discounts distributed by the leading WooCommerce plugin developers like YayCommerce, YITH, Tyche Software, etc.

Today you can join Bloomer Armada or check out WooCommerce Online Courses.

WooCommerce Masters Program by WebStores Ltd

WooCommerce online coaching courses

A shopping cart website has to deal with taking payments, charging taxes, sourcing products, shipping and fulfillment, accessibility compliance, security issues, POS integration, driving traffic, advertising, SEO, product descriptions and copywriting, product photography, creating sales and coupons, order bumps and popups, product returns and refunds, and so much more.

This can get complicated in a hurry, not to mention time-consuming. In fact, most online store owners fall into one of two camps: They either don’t know how to have their website generate consistent income, or they lack the time to make it happen. The WebStores 5-Star Masters Program will change that!

This is your opportunity to take part in a program that is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your online presence. It consists of 4 key parts:

  • An online mastermind, where you interact with other like-minded business owners;
  • Live classes covering specific topics related to running your online store;
  • One-on-one coaching directly with Greg (not just a “team member”);
  • And, done-with-you services to save you time and money.

There are multiple investment levels to meet your specific needs. Each is an incredible bargain when you compare the cost of hiring an in-house webmaster or marketing assistant. I truly believe the 5-Star Master’s Program may be the best investment you can make in yourself and your online store this year.

Where to find WooCommerce website examples?


This is an evergrowing showcase of top sites using WooCommerce. Please note that you won’t be able to learn WooCommerce from here. Rather, it is great to find trusted development and audit services.

Explore WooCommerce Showcase →


AppseConnect hosts a library of case studies as a narrative of their services. In this list, you will be able to find not only the link to the store but also the project overview and how they built the website with WooCommerce help.

Explore Case Studies →

Wrapping Up

Thanks for visiting the YayCommerce blog! I hope you are able to find extra tips and tricks on how to use WooCommerce in WordPress and even take it to the next level with advanced WooCommerce coaching.

More in-depth WooCommerce tips and tricks can be found in our WooCommerce tutorials.

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