WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Guide (2023)

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Guide (2023)

Are you losing out on potential sales? 77% of all online shopping carts are abandoned, but don’t panic! This blog post will empower you to master WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery in 2023.

Let’s explore what it is, why it’s so important, and how to easily set up WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery systems. We’ll also offer tips and best practices to help you craft effective WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails that will encourage customers to return and finish their purchases.

What is WooCommerce Abandoned Cart?

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart refers to a customer who has added items to their shopping cart but doesn’t complete the transaction. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as not being sure of the purchase, needing more time to think it over, or not being ready to pay.

However, it is important for retailers to take advantage of this opportunity, as it can provide insight into customer interest in specific products and categories.

In addition, analysis of abandoned carts can provide data to help identify which products need improvement or adjustments to increase sales conversion rates.

So, if you want to increase sales in your online store, don’t forget to take care of those potential customers you may be missing out on.

A Proven Strategy to Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Carts

Obviously, using WooCommerce abandoned cart email reminders can help you re-engage customers and encourage them to complete their purchases.

Specifically, include information about the products they left in their cart, a special offer, and a clear call to action – all designed to get your customers back to your site and complete the checkout process.

With the right WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin and a powerful email customizer tool, you’ll be able to send inspiring emails that make sure your customers don’t miss out on the great products they’ve already chosen.

Top-tier WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Solution

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is an amazing tool that allows you to customize basic emails attaching special offers and discounts to encourage customers to return and finish their purchases.

yith recover abandoned cart plugin

With this plugin, you can track the success of your cart recovery campaigns, helping you make decisions to boost your sales and keep your customers happy. And it’s all integrated seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, making it easier than ever to reach your goals.

When you add YayMail to this mix, your abandoned cart emails will be taken to the next level with its powerful drag-and-drop email builder. With YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, you can recover those unfinished purchases and skyrocket your sales with the help of highly-effective emails to customers.

How to Customize WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email

Step 1: Set Up WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery System

First, download & activate YITH Recover Abandoned Cart plugin, YayMail, and YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart.

If you are familiar with the setup process of the YITH Recover Abandoned Cart plugin, you may skip this section and proceed to the next one which covers setting up the Recover Abandoned Cart email.

plugins to download to customize WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

Second, come to YITH Recover Abandoned Cart’s setting. To start using this plugin, you will first need to enable the ‘recovery’ options from the ‘Settings‘ tab.

  • Enable Cart Recovery: Ensure the retrieval of abandoned carts.
  • Allow Shop Managers to Manage Plugin Settings: Provide shop managers with the ability to configure plugin settings.
  • Identify a Cart as an ‘Abandoned Cart’ after: Specify the number of minutes before a cart is considered abandoned.
  • Delete Abandoned Cart after: Specify the number of hours to elapse before the abandoned cart is removed from the list. Set to 0 to disable deletion.

Third, recover the pending orders.

The plugin will detect orders in a pending state and dispatch one or more emails to the customer. This feature can be activated through the ‘Settings’ tab of the plugin. 

  • Enable pending order recovery: Toggle the feature on to enable recovery of pending orders.
  • Delete pending orders after: Specify the number of hours to elapse before orders are automatically removed from the list of pending orders. Setting this parameter to 0 prevents the deletion of orders.
  • Recover pending orders and carts of: All users or particular users.
  • Choose user role(s): Specify which users can recover their orders and carts.

The list of Pending orders can be viewed in the ‘Pending orders‘ tab, which will appear when enabling pending order recovery.


The administrator can generate and oversee email templates located within the ‘Email templates’ tab. These templates will be transmitted to customers with pending orders.

email type pending order in yith recover abandoned cart

For additional email template configuration, let’s refer to the following section.

Step 2: Create Abandoned Cart Email Templates

1. General Settings

Firstly, navigate to the ‘Email Templates’ tab to initiate. When creating or editing an email template, access the ‘Email Settings’.

email setting WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

Options that can be configured in the Email Settings section of each email include:

  • Active email: an email must be active to be selectable from the available list.
  • Email type: emails can be configured for abandoned carts or pending orders.
  • Email Subject: the subject line of the email.
  • Schedule automatic Delivery: if enabled, the email will be dispatched automatically after the designated period of hours, days, or minutes.
    • Send after: filling the period of xx hours, days, or minutes.

Note: The automatic sending of emails is dependent on the configuration of the crons set in the “Settings” tab of the plugin’s options panel.

cron settings in yith recover abandoned cart

Crons are server-initiated actions that occur at regular intervals. The email will be dispatched once the designated expiry time of the email template is reached and the cron is executed.

  • Set CRON each: xx minutes, hours, or days.

2. Build up WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Recovery Content

The premium version of the plugin offers unlimited email template creation, allowing you to invite users to complete orders initiated by adding items to their abandoned cart.

manage WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

Customize email content by adding information concerning the cart and user: they can be recovered dynamically with the placeholder that you can add with the specific button available in the visual mode of the WordPress editor.


 Here you find a comprehensive list with placeholders that you can use:

  • {{ywrac.firstname}}: user’s first name.
  • {{ywrac.lastname}}: user’s last name.
  • {{ywrac.fullname}}: user’s first and last name.
  • {{ywrac.useremail}}: user’s email address.
  • {{ywrac.cart}}: summarizing table with products in the cart.
  • {{ywrac.cartlink}}: link that allows users to access the cart page in the shop and find the products they had left during their last visit.
  • {{ywrac.recoverbutton}}: instead of a simple link, this placeholder generates a button for recovering the abandoned cart/pending order
  • {{ywrac.unsubscribelink}}: link that allows the customer to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • {{ywrac.coupon}}: coupon code generated for the specific user.

Tips: Copywriting that is snappy, concise, and compelling is the key to creating an experience that is interesting enough to captivate and persuade someone to follow through with their purchase.

And don’t forget to set up primary details for your email.

admin email setting WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

From the ‘Admin Email Settings’ tab you can modify the following options for the generated emails such as Notify admin when a cart is recovered, Email heading, Email recipient, Email subject, Sender’s name, Sender’s email address, Reply to, etc.

user email setting WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

Tips: Make your subject line stand out and grab the attention of your customers! Try spicing it up with a witty joke, an exciting offer, or a thought-provoking question. For instance, if you’re offering a special deal, why not try “20% off all purchases – don’t miss out!”

3. Customize Abandoned Cart Email in YayMail Editor

For visualizing your Recover Cart Abandoned email, utilize the YayMail Addon. This allows you to drag and drop in additional email blocks, such as related products, images, buttons, and HTML content. 

Go to YayMail > Find Recover Abandoned Cart Email/ Recovered Abandoned Cart Administrator to start customizing the WooCommerce email template. 

WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email template yaymail

Not to mention, you can also automatically insert your Recover Abandoned Cart message created with the YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin.

automatically insert your Recover Abandoned Cart message created with the YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Here you can see, you can also insert the message by yourself by using this [yaymail_addon_template_ywrac_email] to input the whole message to the email template.

yaymail addon for yith recover abandoned cart shortcode

Now just customize the email the way you want. You can insert any elements to make your email more appealing and persuasive for example a beautiful branding banner, a coupon code, related products, social media link, etc.  

Watch this one-minute video to discover just how easy it is to elevate your WooCommerce email templates with YayMail.

Tips to Optimize Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Templates with YayMail

From sending a single email to creating a fully-fledged drip campaign, there are certain best practices to keep in mind. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


We all know the feeling of wanting to finish something we started, so why not offer your customers the same courtesy? Give them a gentle reminder to complete their purchase with a CTA like “Buy Now” or “Resume Your Order.” 

It’s a great way to not only save them time but also make it simple to review their items and make a purchase right from your email.

predesigned blocks for recover abandoned cart email WooCommerce

You can easily enhance the look of your CTA section with the pre-designed blocks from YayMail. Choose from three stylish elements – banner, coupon, or recommended products – to give your emails a unique flair. 

What’s more, don’t forget to sweeten the deal by adding a coupon code to encourage purchases!


Greeting the customer by name and showing them the amazing items that still wait for them in their cart – what could be better? We believe that personalized abandoned cart emails can make all the difference in encouraging customers to complete their purchases. 

We’re sure they’ll be delighted to see the items they left behind and be enticed to make the purchase! There are tons of ways you can do with YayMail to dynamically personalize your WooCommerce abandoned cart email template. 

You can refer to this tutorial: How to Build WooCommerce Emails with Dynamic Content 

Social Proof

Create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) with your customers by using reviews and testimonials to strengthen your branding. For instance, why not include reviews in your abandoned cart emails for certain products – it could be just the thing to tempt those customers to make a purchase!

Browsing through consulting contact information, pondering over our “Why Choose Us” section, and exploring the FAQ content can all help your potential buyers make an informed decision when considering buying through their abandoned cart.

Below are some of the best practices of WooCommerce abandoned cart emails that you can take inspiration from.

WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email example casper
WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email example dyson

Finally, preview it, and send a test email.

Step 3: Track WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Report

After setting up the wonderful WooCommerce abandoned cart systems and email template, let’s check out the report to see what insights we can glean to optimize our efforts in the long run.

At the end of each email template in YITH, you’ll find the delightful “Email report” section that gives you a quick summary of the emails associated with the template that has been sent out.

report on WooCommerce recover abandoned cart email

The report offers a fascinating glimpse into the performance of your selected template’s emails. You’ll discover the number of emails sent, the clicks generated, the number of carts recovered, and the conversion rate. 

dashboard report yith recover abandoned cart

What’s More in YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart?

YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

The YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart allows you to configure various recovered abandoned cart content for each email template based on the pre-set sending time frame. 

You can create an unlimited number of emails and set when they should be sent to your customers. Additionally, it is easy to attach a discount coupon to the emails to motivate customers to complete their purchases.


YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart provides an effective solution for managing abandoned carts and orders with the following features:

  • Automated email notification to the admin mailbox upon successful cart/order recovery
  • Comprehensive dashboard displaying recovered orders and carts
  • Ability to customize cart recovery email templates.

34% is the average recovery rate we get for our clients. Who else wants to recover that amount of abandoned carts, let’s jump right into the tutorial below.

FAQ about WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Email

1. How does WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery work?

WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin allows you to seamlessly send automated email reminders to customers who have filled their carts with your products but haven’t yet completed the purchase. Now that’s a clever way to increase your sales!

2. When should I send an abandoned cart email?

It’s best to reach out with your first abandoned cart email within the hour, follow up with a second email 24 hours later, and wrap things up with a third message after 72 hours have passed.

3. How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

Start your cart recovery campaign with three emails. Get your first email out in the next hour, and then follow up with a second email within 24 hours and a third one after 72 hours. Reclaim what’s yours!

4. How should I write in a WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery email?

Here are some tips to help you recover your abandoned cart:
1. Personalize your message – Specify messages to each customer by including their name and chosen items in the email.
2. Create an enticing CTA – Include a call-to-action that entices your customers to complete their purchases.
3. Keep it concise – Your message should be short, sweet, and to the point.
4. Utilize attention by grabbing an appealing subject line – Make sure your subject line stands.
5. Add Social proof.
6. Include a special coupon to sweeten the deal.

5. Which are the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin alternatives?

Some of the best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugin alternatives that can be considered are Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce, and CartBack Abandoned Cart Recovery, etc. These plugins offer features such as automatic recovery emails, and a visualized analytics dashboard for abandoned cart recovery.

Tips: You can also take advantage of other powerful WordPress automation plugins which allow you to set up multiple workflows in a bigger picture, including abandoned cart recovery email workflow. Some of the most popular ones are AutomateWoo or WooCommerce Follow-Ups.

There are also other YayMail addons to level up your abandoned cart recovery workflow namely
YayMail Addon for AutomateWoo & YayMail Addon for WooCommerce Follow-Ups.

They empower you to customize all kinds of follow-up emails with ease. With its wide range of workflows, follow-up conditions, and email templates, you can easily set up the ultimate email campaign for maximum impact.

To wrap it up

Using the YayMail Addon for YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is a breeze – just three simple steps. First, get the WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart system ready to go. Second, craft and tweak an email template. And finally, monitor the Recover Abandoned Cart report. It’s all it takes to quickly and effectively recover those abandoned carts. 

With this nifty system, you’ll be able to recover abandoned carts in a flash!

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to provide assistance.

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