YayCommerce Updates What's New in 2023?

What is your plan after this new year holiday? YayCommerce is hard at work to deliver plugin updates and features to make the 2023 campaign a resounding success for you. Here’s a roundup of tweaks to the free and Pro versions of our plugins so that you can make the most of your WooCommerce site: 

This time around, we have some significant updates for our WooCommerce plugins.

January 2023

1. YayMail 3.1.7 becomes highly compatible with more and more plugins

If you want to customize YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System email templates, this addon makes it easier for you to send an automatic genuine coupon based on the customer’s activities on your online store. 

  • Importing and Exporting Multi-language templates is live on YayMail 3.1.7

You can now export templates in multiple languages and import templates from any language to your email. When you export a template, all email template versions for each language will be downloaded in convenient JSON files. When importing, you can effortlessly choose which language version template you want to bring in.


The enhancement helps you out the most if you use Conditional Logic Addon for YayMail and WooCommerce Follow Up simultaneously. With this combination, you will be able to track the performance of each email’s conditional logic, as well as the overall performance of your email templates – making sure that you get the best results possible!


2. YaySwatches 1.6.1 improves UX by sending more communicative message

We have added an alert displayed with variant swatches that do not exist. Not all variations created by the combination of two or more attributes exist. Now when your customers apply two or more attributes to a product, any variations without a price will not be displayed. In these cases, they’ll see an alert, so they’ll always be aware of their selection. 


3. YayCurrency ​​1.6.1 better supports sales and pricing

  • A fixed price for each currency per product. 

You can now set up a fixed price for each currency per product, making sure that the exchange rate won’t affect the prices for your specific products. To get started, simply turn on the “Fixed Price for Each Currency per Product” feature. Then, you can go to the Products page to input the fixed prices for each currency.

  • Dropdown to filter orders based on the currency.

A dropdown filter now makes it easy for you to view orders based on currency. To get the data you need, simply go to WooCommerce Analytics > Order and you’ll have access to all the order information that matters to you – like revenue, net sale, order value, and average items per product.

4. YayPricing 1.4.1 adds more options to customize how pricing and discount displays

  • Schedule for Fee:

You can now create a designated timeline to effortlessly manage your fee setting – just like the way you work with Product Pricing or Cart Discounts.

  • We’ve just added a fantastic feature to YayPricing: a sale tag that can appear on both the product page and the shop page! With this addition, your customers will be tempted to take a closer look at your products and snap them up before the sale ends!

5. YayExtra 1.1.1 offers more extra product options to fit your need

YayExtra is also updated with the latest features to help you insert extra product options into WooCommerce product form in the easiest manner. 

Check out these standout features:

  • 16+ field types including text, colors, date picker, file upload, and so many more!
  • Conditional display options allow you to show the next option if the customer has selected a specific option value.
  • Cross-sell and upsell better using linked products and grouped different products.
  • Extras with fees help you sell more product add-ons and other services.

6. YaySMTP 2.2.6 works toward our user requirements

Based on the feedback, you now have the option to erase all data in the database when you uninstall the plugin, leaving you free to keep your web management running smoothly.


Besides the enhancement, minor bug fixes are also done so that all Yay tools’ features are reflected properly. Stay tuned for our next newsletter to get detailed information on our new features. This article will be updated every month of 2023 to help you be informed of all the updated features of YayCommerce plugins.

Give us a shout if you have any questions. You can also send us your testimonials by submitting your Reviews!

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