How We Reach 20,000+ Active WooCommerce Sites YayMail

How We Reach 20,000+ Active WooCommerce Sites – YayMail

Over 20,000 WordPress websites are now relying on YayMail – WooCommerce email plugin to send their emails. With our powerful email customization features, they are able to automatically send thousands of glowing messages to their customers’ inboxes every day.

This growth is largely driven by our mission to make email customization easier than ever. This WooCommerce email plugin provides right-hand tools to help WooCommerce online sellers:

  • Easily add columns and element blocks
  • Edit content and media in a single window
  • Customize font, color, background, padding, and so on
  • Live preview, save and send a test email

Why do our YayMail lovers increase in number (10,000+) in just 3 months? How have our 20,000+ online stores empowered their email automation system for hacking growth? Keep reading our recaps on these significant and thankful milestones.

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YayMail is an easy-to-use WooCommerce email plugin, if not the easiest one!

With YayMail, you can drag and drop elements to the email templates. Each element makes a block in the WooCommerce email editor. And it is very easy to edit content and design email layouts, just like how you do it with the Gutenberg editor or Elementor page builder.

YayMail was created with ease of use in mind, but it was also evaluated for maximum web browser and email client compatibility while keeping responsiveness in mind.

Everyone can decorate the email design not only easily but also specially tailored for their brand visibility. You’ll have a productive WooCommerce email plugin to build a loyal relationship with your customers, vendors, and subscribers.

YayMail comes with 50+ third-party WooCommerce integrations

Merchants typically use various WooCommerce plugins to achieve the purchase workflow they want. That’s why YayMail Builder is deployed to customize many plugins’ email templates for flawless sales flow. When using YayMail combined with YayMail Premium Addons, you will unlock the visual email designer integration to go with 50+ third-party WooCommerce plugins.

With YayMail Addons, you have a huge amount of flexibility to what can be put in your order notifier. Then, the customized emails/notes to admin, vendors, members, subscribers, and customers can carry your brand info and content. For example:

YayMail Addons can be installed to either YayMail Free or Pro versions. With the YayMail Builder and YayMail Addons being active, you can edit all the newly generated email templates in YayMail Builder’s drag and drop interface.

YayMail gives a more generous free plan

You can download and use YayMail from for free. You won’t need to upgrade to a premium edition to fully change all of the preset Woo email templates because this open-source code is eternally free.

Our powerful Free Plan plugin:

  • Helps create advanced email layout with multiple columns
  • Sanitizes content for allowed HTML
  • Improves SEO by removing canonical links
  • Enhances text direction in right-to-left languages

Our customers tried the WooCommerce email plugin’s Free Plan and they love it!

YayMail provides excellent WooCommerce email plugin and support

What’s more, YayMail continuously upgrades features that stick

With each new release, we add new features and functionality to keep your email experience fresh. Because we are always striving to improve, we regularly release new versions of our app with bug fixes and performance enhancements. So, whether you’re using the latest version of YayMail or an older one, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible experience.

24/7 support from the YayCommerce team is the highlight

The constant support from our customer support team has been a huge help in improving our user experience and offering better support to YayMail’s 20,000+ customers.

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Continual updates and support by the team behind YayMail

Our 24/7 support has brought about a big contribution to addressing any issues our users may have. This reliability is crucial for us, and it’s something we really appreciate about the team.

What’s next?

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us reach the milestone of 20,000 active users! We are dedicated to providing the best experience for our users and will continue to work hard to improve the platform, to better serve our community, and provide even more value. We appreciate your support and feedback, and we look forward to continuing to grow and improve together. Thank you!

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