The Impact of Product Description for WooCommerce Sales

The Impact of Product Description for WooCommerce Sales

When it comes to online sales, product descriptions are undeniably one of the key pieces of the puzzle. The customers can’t rely on their sensory senses to evaluate the product. All they have is the product description.

There is no doubt about the relevance of product description, but there are still questions that need to be answered. Such as, how does exactly product descriptions influence sales? Or, how can you assess whether your product content affects the sale positively or negatively?

In the following lines, we’ll dive deep into the complex relationship between WooCommerce product description and WooCommerce increase sales. 

How Product Descriptions Influence WooCommerce Sales

The intricacies of product descriptions and their correlation to sales are no longer a secret. Marketers, companies, and researchers have tacked this subject many times in their effort to clarify the value of product descriptions. Therefore, we don’t need to rely on assumptions. Some numbers support the claims of how product descriptions impact sales.

Let’s take a look at the following OneSpace statistics that prove how product descriptions play a crucial role in customers purchasing decisions:

  • A detailed product description is among the top three determining factors for making a purchase.  
  • 98% of shoppers have been dissuaded from buying a product due to incomplete or incorrect product information.
  • 50% of shoppers returned items because the product they’d received didn’t match the description.

But that’s not all. The accuracy and quality of product descriptions also influence the e-commerce brand image. According to research, 86% of shoppers stated that they wouldn’t repeat the purchase from a retailer that had provided an inaccurate product description.

Your Woocommerce online store isn’t an exception to these findings. The product descriptions you display will affect:

  • Customers’ perception of your brand
  • Customers trust
  • Customers’ impulse decision to make a purchase
  • Customers’ satisfaction with their shopping experience
Brooklinen product description page
The product description needs to be accurate, detailed and comprehensive.

All of this strongly ties to your sales report. If customers have a positive perception of your brand, trust you, and are satisfied with their purchase, they’ll become your loyal customers and recommend your store to others.  If not, well, there is no doubt that you’ll sales will show no progress while you’d have to amend the damages made to your brand image.

Lastly, don’t forget that there are over 4 million websites currently using WooCommerce. The competition is fierce. You won’t be able to stay afloat in this competitive market without effective product descriptions that work towards making a sale. 

How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your WooCommerce Product Descriptions

If your goal is Woocommerce boost sales, you know where to start from – your product descriptions.

You need to evaluate the product content and recognize room for improvement. In this evaluation process, you can focus on the following key factors that affect customers’ choice to buy products:

1. The problem and the solution – Customers search for a resolution to a certain problem in products. If you introduce the problem and present the solution that the product carries, you’ll improve your chance of making a sale.

2. Customer-oriented description – The description should focus on how customers’ lives will be better. Not on how amazing your product or brand is.

3. Detailed description – Good description covers everything from key features to maintenance. Put yourself in customers’ shoes. Does your description answer all the most common consumers’ questions?

4. Anticipated objections – Think about what kind of objections customers could have. If you anticipate and explain those objections in the description, you’ll speed up the sale. 

5. Call-to-action – Directly ask for a sale. Encourage customers to make a purchase with a noticeable call-to-action. People need that final push.

How to Write WooCommerce Product Description that Boosts Sales

When you realize how relevant engaging product descriptions are, you must get inspired to write better and more impactful descriptions. This provokes a question, “What does it take to write a good Woocommerce product description?”

A Detailed product description page using WooCommerce
Example of detailed product descriptions and images

While there is no bulletproof formula, there are certain tips that have proved to be highly effective. Here are the key tips for writing product descriptions that make an impact.

1. Install Woocommerce plugin for product description pages

For a description to stand out, it needs to be properly displayed. Find and install the Woocommerce plugin that will enhance your product descriptions through a well-designed layout. Luckily, there are numerous WordPress e-commerce plugins designed for this purpose. Some plugins you can consider are: 

  • Product Slider for WooCommerce: Showcase your product images and galleries in the slider carousel and widgets.
  • eCommerce Product Catalogue: Create product listing templates to match your blog, store, portfolio, restaurant menu, or company website needs.
  • Advanced Product Fields: Add custom form fields to your WooCommerce product pages such as checkbox, dropdown select, radio button, multi-step form, and so on.

2. Add the benefits in WooCommerce product short description

The short descriptions are the first thing that customers read. Since customers typically skim over that content, you need to grab their attention. Achieve this by stating the benefits of the products in your Woocommerce short descriptions. If you need help with winning over consumers with concise content, you can order copywriting services. Writing and editing services are a fast and affordable solution for such tasks. 

3. Speak the customers’ language

Relating to customers on their level will evoke trust. Thus, if you write your product descriptions in your target customers’ language, the content will resonate with them and motivate them to believe your brand. 

Write a Short and sweet Product description
Write short and sweet product introduction

4. Be precise and detailed

An inaccurate or insufficient product description is among the top factors that lessen customers’ shopping experience. So, make sure that every piece of information you supply is correct. Also, include every detail that matters to consumers. 

5. Use storytelling

Storytelling is an evergreen marketing technique that has proven to do wonders. Stories can retain people’s attention. Thus, marketers use this power to sell products. You can use it as well. Simply incorporate a story in the product description when an opportunity presents itself.

Final Thoughts

Operating an e-commerce store without quality product descriptions won’t bring desirable results. Product descriptions are a component that is directly tied to the outcome of the sales.

Therefore, if you want to boost sales with WooCommerce, you know what to do. Turn your attention towards perfecting your product descriptions and observe the change in your sales report.


Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at PapersOwl with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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