7 Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugins

7 Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugins

The eCommerce market competition is getting more fierce than ever as the global eCommerce market demands have increased more than ever during the pandemic. A survey on Market Competition Evaluation according to e-commerce executives revealed that 40 percent of eCommerce companies assessed their stand as being tough in competition. Only one percent of companies reported that they were encountering no competition in the market. Dealing with this situation requires a winning pricing strategy that can be achieved by the best WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin.

What Is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing?

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin for an eCommerce platform. Millions of users around the world use WooCommerce for their online stores. WooCommerce provides almost all the features to build online stores. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is a product pricing strategy by which you can offer discounts, special offer prices, promotions, and bonuses. Store owners should quickly implement this strategy to stand out from their competitors.

Why Do You Need Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce?

The race in the eCommerce market is intense. There is no alternative to making a customer-focused dynamic pricing strategy and executing the strategy successfully to win this race. This article will assist you in choosing the right plugin for your business.

Let’s dive into the list of best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugins for 2024.

1. YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts

The eCommerce race is more fierce than ever. It’s not easy to win this race if you do not have the right product. YayPricing is by far the best WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin that comes with extensive features. The user-friendly interface and extensive features of this plugin will let you set up various dynamic pricing and discount rules very easily.

If you are planning to grow your online store traffic and convert the traffic into a purchase with substantial cash flow then you should go for YayPricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Discounts. The UX of this plugin is good and very easy to follow.

Create new WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts campaign


  • Discounts- based on fixed, percentage, and fixed price methods.
  • Apply discounts rules to the product name, variation, product tag, category, price, and in-stock product.
  • Product filter by attribute
  • Bulk discounts- based on pricing methods like fixed, percentage, and fixed rate.
  • Conditional bulk discounts based on cart subtotal price, cart quantity, logged-in customer, specific customer, and customer role.
  • Buy One Get One Free deal based on fixed, percentage, and fixed rate.
  • Buy One Get One Free conditional discount.
  • Cart discounts are based on fixed, percentage, and fixed price pricing methods.
  • Conditional cart discounts.
  • Applied coupon code condition.
  • Set pricing rules based on currency conditions.
  • One-click pricing templates will help you to select your desired rules.
  • Add extra costs like shipping cost, payment gateway cost, etc. during checkout. 
  • Combine discounts into one discount.
  • Display of offer descriptions on the product page.
  • Delete, remove and duplicate rules.
  • Exclude specific rules at any time.
  • Run multiple rules at the same time.
  • Dynamic countdown timer
  • Shortcode and tooltip features.
  • Discount scheduling.
  • Export/Import rules.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no question asked.
  • No free version yet but it will be available very soon.


The pricing of this plugin is also very reasonable in terms of the tons of features they are offering, especially for agencies:


  • Single Site – Yearly – $49.00
  • 3 Sites – Yearly – $99.00
  • Unlimited Sites – Yearly – $199.00

One-Time Payment

  • Single Site – Lifetime – $195.00
  • 3 Sites – Lifetime – $295.00
  • Unlimited Sites – Lifetime – $595.00

2. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

Conditional discount-bulk discount plugin

Another great plugin to create dynamic discounts for your WooCommerce store, based on various conditions. With this plugin, users can create discounts on products, product categories, cart subtotal, bulk discounts, and much more. It helps your store attract and retain customers with diversity promotion campaigns.

Moreover, your store will have many complex discounts by leveraging the conditions of this plugin, such as discounts based on the location of customers, products, cart, customer roles, shape of products, shipping class, specific day, etc. Not only that, this plugin also generates coupons automatically based on specific conditions and it will be used in the next order. 

Set condition discount


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Discounts based on various conditions: location-related, product-related, cart-related, payment methods, customer role, etc. 
  • Offer bulk discounts.
  • Offer percentage discounts. 
  • Offer coupons to customers for future use. 
  • Set a limit for the number of times use discounts. 
  • Set a discount message for each rule.
  • Choose the location to display the message.
  • Compatible with multi-currency plugin.
  • The free version is available.


  • $25/ year
  • $37/ 2 years
  • $49/ 3 years

3. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

This is another good WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin that will serve your purpose of setting dynamic pricing strategies like discounts on specific products, categories, carts, and order history. One of the remarkable features of this plugin is that you can set a maximum limit of discount on every rule you define. As a relatively new plugin, the pricing is a bit expensive.


  • Fixed price, percentage, and flat Rate discounts can be set up based on  
  • weight, quantity, and product price.
  • Set a maximum discount limit.
  • Discount based on customer order history.
  • Discount based on cart parameters.
  • Discount based on user role.
  • Discount based on the number of orders.
  • Buy One Get One rules.
  • Import/Export feature.
  • A Free version is available.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Single site – $79/year
  • Up to 5 sites – $119/year
  • Up to 25 sites – $199/year

4. YITH Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

YITH is a well-known name in the WordPress plugins market. They offer a wide range of WordPress WooCommerce plugins. This plugin allows you to set discounts based on product pricing and various conditional use cases. They have a rule selection template feature from which you can select your desired rule and create the rules accordingly.


  • Offers Buy One Get One deal rules.
  • Fixed and percentage discount on specific product categories.
  • Discount based on product quantity.
  • Display of offers on the product page.
  • Discount scheduling.
  • Discount based on cart parameters.
  • WPML compatible.



5. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts By Rightpress

This plugin comes with some really good features. They should work on the UX of the plugin.


  • Price adjustment.
  • Conditional cart discounts.
  • Multiple rules at the same time.
  • Buy One Get One deal rule.
  • Quantity-based discounts.
  • Tiered pricing.
  • Combine multiple rules into one.
  • Not compatible with WPML.
  • Live demo available.


  • $69/ 6-months support
  • $93/ 12-months support

6. Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

The Advanced Dynamic Pricing will let you set up bulk pricing discounts, category-based discounts, and BOGO. They should improve the UX of the plugin.


  • Offers role-based discounts.
  • Offers bulk pricing discounts.
  • Customizer feature to design bulk pricing table.
  • Buy One Get One rule.
  • Discount-based cart items.
  • Shortcode feature.
  • Free shipping on purchasing a certain amount.
  • Free version is available.


  • Single site- $50/year
  • 3 sites- $100/year
  • 10 sites- $200/year

7. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing

This plugin provides discounts and offers based on user roles, specific customers, categories, groups, carts, etc. This plugin is expensive. And surprisingly, it does not have the BOGO feature for which you may have to think twice before purchasing it. 


  • Offers role-based discount.
  • Discount for specific users.
  • Discount based on quantity.
  • Category-based discount.
  • Import/Export feature
  • API functionality.
  • Live demo available.


  • $80 – Single site Annual License
  • $120 – 5 site Annual License
  • $160 – 10 site Annual License
  • $200- Single site LifeTime License
  • $300- 5 site LifeTime License
  • $400- 10 site LifeTime License

8. Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

This is a pretty simple dynamic pricing plugin from WooCommerce with basic features. It offers cart-based discounts, role-based discounts, and discounts based on cart total and product categories. It displays the discount on the checkout page which is not a dynamic and customer-centric feature at all.

Well, this is also an expensive plugin in terms of the limited features it offers.


  • Offers bulk discounts rules.
  • Offers discounts rules based on fixed and percentage fixed price.
  • Offers cart discounts.
  • Discounts based on cart parameters.
  • Buy One Get One free deal is not available.
  • 30 day-money back guarantee.


Single site – $129/year

In addition to dynamic pricing strategies, you can use WooCommerce sales trigger plugins to enhance your ecommerce conversion rate.

9. Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin assists your store in creating several discount rules. You can configure dynamic pricing for products and card details, in work conjunction or separately, to enhance the revenue of your store to the next level. With this plugin, you can create discount rules and set conditions for these rules through the “Restriction” feature, which means you can customize conditions for customer roles, products, and product categories. In addition, you can set a time limit for each rule before offering it to the customers.

Set discount rule with Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin


  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Offer a percentage or fixed discount.
  • Offer bulk pricing based on quantity ranges.
  • Offer discounts based on customer roles like subscribers, contributors, and much more.
  • Can choose when to apply the discount code such as multiple discounts at the same time or the discount excluding the other.
  • Set a specific time interval or on a particular day for customers to use the discount.
  • Easily to duplicate the pre-set rule.
  • This plugin is totally free to use.


Dynamic pricing is a revolution in the eCommerce industry. It not just boosts sales, maximizes cash flow, attracts more traffic, and converts the traffic into a purchase but also helps understand customer behavior. This article will surely help you to select the right plugin for your WooCommerce dynamic pricing strategy.

Among the mentioned WooCommerce plugins, most of them do not add details or call-to-actions about the active rules to the product details and cart pages. You have to do it manually for each and every product, for example, by adding “Buy 1 and get 1 with 50% off” to the description of your product. Good news is, YayPricing plugin can help you do that in bulk and also add banner ads & images to the product offer description.

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