YayMail Updates 2023

YayMail Updates 2023

Hey everyone, 👋

We’ve been busy at work optimizing YayMail and YayMail Addons to help you provide a seamless shopping experience via emails!

June 2023 – YayMail Plugin Updates

Let’s dive in and check out the YayMail updates that will help you make this June a month of growth and success!

YayMail releases new conditional logic!

As you requested recently, we have implemented new conditions to allow YayMail users set up Conditional Logic based on a specific product. Now you can add a customizable email block to email templates when the customer has bought:

  • A specified product
  • A list of specified products
  • A list of specified product SKUs
  • Not a list of products, etc.

More third-party integrations added as YayMail addons!

ParcelPanel for WooCommerce

If you’re a user of ParcelPanel for WooCommerce, now you can find the perfect match with YayMail Addon for ParcelPanel Order Tracking for WooCommerce!

  • Quickly insert Parcel Panel Shipment Tracking element to the email notification’s section so that customers can track their shipments from the confirmation email.
  • Apply email content to accommodate translations if your WooCommerce site is operating in multiple languages.

Colissimo Officiel

YayMail Addon for Colissimo Shipping Methods for WooCommerce is now available! This addon allows you to fully customize these email templates:

  • Inward label generated: sent to customer when the inward label is generated.
  • Colissimo order tracking: sent to customer when the outward label or delivery docket is generated.
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen

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