YayPricing Updates 2023

YayPricing Updates 2023

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Are you busy planning your own vacation? Or do you think your customers spend less time on the web during this season? Don’t be.

Many discount plugins offer dynamic pricing rules, but not every plugin can make it flexible and stand out as YayPricing can do.

Here are some prominent features that we have shipped in recent updates. 💪

August 2023 – YayPricing Plugin Updates

It’s almost the end of summer and the back-to-school season is just around the corner. We wanted to give you the scoop on the latest updates to our YayPricing Plugin that you may love. These new features will help you personalize your dynamic pricing and discount rules for your store. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

Product filter by attribute

Now, you can add pricing and discount rules for products, categories, tags, and product variations.

This means you can easily promote the products with the most stock availability, boost sales for specific inventory items, or engage with holidays like Halloween or Christmas! For instance, you may want to promote Halloween-style hats or red earrings for Christmas, etc.

dynamic pricing based on cart item variation yaypricing

To explore this new feature, simply head to the conditions tab of a specific pricing rule. From there, select the Cart item – variation option under the condition subjects. You can then choose from “Contain all”, “Contain in list”, or “Not Contain in list” and select one or more product variants that you already have in your store.

More conditions for product pricing rules

Our new feature updates now include more conditions for your product pricing settings, giving you greater flexibility to apply pricing rules to meet your unique needs.

One of our latest additions is the “Applied Coupon Codes” condition for product pricing rules. This means that you can now apply specific discounts to certain customers who have entered a particular coupon code at checkout. For instance, you can offer a 50% discount on the customer’s entire cart if they have entered a specific coupon code.

purchase history applied coupon conditions in yaypricing

We’ve also added a condition based on the customer’s purchase history. So if a customer has bought a particular product before, you can give them a 10% discount on that product as a reward for their loyalty.

We’ve also added a condition based on the customer’s purchase history. So if a customer has bought a particular product before, you can give them a 10% discount on that product as a reward for their loyalty.

Check order history except for refunded status

We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback from users about this feature, and we’re constantly working to make it even better. In response to user requests, we’ve added a filter to the order history, so you can now easily check all history purchases without refunds that qualify for the loyalty discount. This helps ensure that every discounted cart comes from a previous successful purchase.

Now, when you’re checking out and changing payment methods, you won’t have to wait for the loading bar to finish if the payment method doesn’t affect the pricing. 

reload cart ajax payment method

This update was inspired by some awesome feedback from our users who suggested that this was causing unnecessary wait times if the payment method didn’t affect the pricing. 

We listened to their recommendations and made the necessary changes to make sure your checkout process is as smooth as possible.

More Variables for Encourage Message

Last month, we made some improvements to the text editor so you can make your messages more appealing. This month, we’ve added new variables to make it easier for you to personalize your messages.

For example, we’ve added a hook that allows you to insert the discounted item names to reflect any discounts being applied, as well as a variable that shows the action that triggered the offer.

encourage notice for dynamic pricing and discount

To use these new features, simply go to the settings tab and choose “Encourage Notice”. From there, select the variables you want to include in your custom message such as [action] or [current_item]. You can choose  Once you’ve saved your changes, head to the front end to check it out!

June 2023 – YayPricing Plugin Updates

Summer is NOT a lost season. If campaigned well, it’s full of sales opportunities.

To draw attention to your running promotion, it’s crucial that visitors to your online store are aware of the offer right from the moment they enter your WooCommerce website.

This month, let’s dress up your WooCommerce product page for this 2023’s summer season!

Dynamic countdown timer

You may consider using a banner displaying the upcoming sales promotion above your navigation bar.

If scheduled, the discount rule will show a countdown notice, indicating the number of days/hours/minutes/seconds left until the campaign starts.

YayPricing countdown timer start campaign

If the campaign has started, it automatically counts down until the promotion ends.

YayPricing countdown timer end time

The message content is customizable, so you can add more perks to create scarcity.

Countdown timer settings

Sale price display

Additionally, you have more control over how the sale badge and product sale prices appear on product page and cart/category pages. You could display the sale badge as subtle conversion-boosting elements, to let customers know their current discount, and cleverly nudge them towards next achievable discounts if they add more products to cart.

Product sale badge and price display settings

Better product category selections

Previously, all categories and subcategories appeared on the same level within the multi select dropdown. Starting from version 2.4.4, it’s much easier to differentiate them thanks to the hierarchical order.

For instance, if you want to specifically select only Women’s Coats (not Men’s Coats), you can pick Woman ⇒ Coats subcategory as shown below.

Select product category and subcategory in product filter

Count quantity mode in bulk pricing

We also ship one more feature to bulk pricing rules. This allows you to choose how you want to count the cart items before applying the tiered prices:

  1. Item quantity in each cart line
  2. Each single product/variable products
Cart item quantity count type

Option (1) will count the quantity of each cart line item. For instance, if required 3x beanies, then 2 green beanies along with 2 red beanies are still not qualified.

Option (2) will count the quantity of each product, regardless of single product or variable product. For instance, if required 3x beanies, then 1 green beanie and 2 red beanies are now qualified.

For more instructions regarding the rule settings, please find in YayPricing detailed documentation.

Bug fixes

  • Admin settings layout issue: Resolved the issue with YayPricing settings screen breaking out of layouts when the site appears in RTL languages.
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Editorial Team

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