The Best WooCommerce Order Delivery Plugins Your Customers Will Love

The Best WooCommerce Order Delivery Plugins Your Customers Will Love

In an earlier article, we discussed the best WooCommerce plugins for customizing your checkout page. Some of them are specialized, like Checkout Field Editor which lets you modify various fields on the page; while others provide a personal touch, such as Flux Checkout for WooCommerce which allows you to add a custom thank you section. Using them is a relatively simple way to improve your checkout process which, in turn, can increase your conversion rate.

Sustaining excellent customer experience, however, doesn’t stop there. The next phase, offering order delivery date and time schedule, is just as important.

Why Order Delivery Plugins are Important

Using WooCommerce order delivery plugins will help inform your customers of the timeline for shipment. This lets them make the necessary arrangements for getting their order, such as if they can wait for it during the expected arrival date or ask someone else to take the item for them. The added peace of mind is something your customers will appreciate. Moreover, empowering them to get the information on their own saves you time and effort in providing constant updates. That’s a win-win.

What to Consider Beforehand

As with any WordPress plugin, be sure to look at both people and technical aspects. The former pertains to checking user reviews and getting some info about the developers of the plugin. This can give you an idea of whether the tool has a good chance to have future updates or get dropped by its creator.

The technical side covers things like features and compatibility. WordPress gets updated two to three times a year, so check what version you are using. It’s unwise to get a plugin only to have it not work a short time later due to compatibility issues. The same goes for the web hosting provider for your WordPress site. A list of the best-managed WordPress hosting companies by shows that some are more geared toward ecommerce. Kinsta, for instance, is optimized for large online stores, while GoDaddy has long been a trusted name for WooCommerce users. This connection between web host and ecommerce capabilities is explored in-depth in our article on building an ecommerce site with WordPress. It tackled the importance of your hosting provider and its role in running WooCommerce smoothly. To get the most out of the plugins you’ll be using, ensure that all of them can be accommodated without a hitch.

With that set, it’s time to look at the best WooCommerce order delivery plugins you can get today.

1. Estimated Delivery Date Plugin For WooCommerce

Estimated Delivery Date WP WooCommerce plugin

If you are running an online store, it is crucial to provide your customers with an estimated delivery date for their orders. This information plays a vital role in their decision-making process. You wouldn’t want to lose a customer because of a lack of information.

With PluginHive’s Estimated Delivery Date plugin, you can easily display the estimated delivery date on the product, shop, cart, and checkout pages of your online store. This plugin works seamlessly with WooCommerce and allows you to set up different delivery dates based on shipping zones, shipping classes, and shipping methods.

But that’s not all! The Estimated Delivery Date plugin comes with advanced functionalities that allow you to set up various delivery date formats, time slots, holidays, and working days for your store and customers. You can even customize the display text and set a minimum delivery time.

The plugin is also compatible with the WPML plugin, making it an excellent choice for multi-lingual websites. There are both free and premium versions available, with the paid plan starting from just $69.

If you ever get stuck, PluginHive offers 24/7 customer support to help you with your shipping business. Don’t lose a customer because of a lack of information – use the Estimated Delivery Date plugin by PluginHive to provide your customers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

2. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (Tyche Softwares)

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

This is a free WooCommerce plugin with a Pro version starting at USD 99 per year. A post on the best WooCommerce order delivery plugins by highlights the convenience it brings by letting consumers choose their preferred delivery date and time. It can be selected on the checkout tab.

This plugin also gives you the flexibility of removing specific dates in your delivery schedule, such as holidays. Another powerful feature is the setting of limits for deliveries and orders in a day. It’s a nifty tool for managing load in your ecommerce business.

3. WooCommerce Delivery Slots (Iconic)

WooCommerce Delivery and pickup on schedule plugin by Iconic team

The free WordPress resource site CompeteThemes describes this plugin as “comprehensive and elegant” because of its design and features. It lets you configure shipping availability, along with limits on the number of days for scheduling a shipment. You may even set extra charges on specific terms, such as shipping on Sundays for example.

On the buyer side, the process is straightforward as the plugin simply allows them to pick a date and time slot on a calendar. Plans start at USD 129 a year.

4. YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date

YITH Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

What makes YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date stand out is the ability to input carrier data. This means you can customize their schedule as much as you can. You can set the number of delivery days per week and the corresponding open time slots, as well as which days are considered workdays or rest days.

It features automation, such as an automated email to the user once the package is shipped out. There’s also what’s called “dynamic messaging” that may be applied to your product pages. It shows a message to a potential buyer regarding the expected arrival date and time of the item should they purchase it within a set period, such as the next 30 minutes. It’s a marketing tactic that creates a sense of urgency to influence the buying decision of the site visitor.

Because it’s packed with useful features, this plugin is pricier than others on the list at USD 130 a year (EUR 119.99). Although at the time of writing, the first year for a new user is discounted by 17% at USD 108 (EUR 99.99).

5. Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce (CodeRockz)

Delivery Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce

Delivery & Pickup Date Time for WooCommerce is another order delivery plugin that lets buyers choose their preferred schedule on the checkout page. In addition to delivery, self-pickup may also be enabled as an option. The user may request a custom delivery or pick-up time, which may be a specific hour or a time range like 9 AM to 11 AM.

It’s free but has a Pro version that starts at USD 50 a year.


These are the best order delivery plugins for WooCommerce that have been updated within the past couple of months at the time of writing. Determining the right one boils down to factors such as the size of your business and budget. In any case, you can’t go wrong with having this plugin that improves a buyer’s journey on your site.

For other helpful advice, check out more topics in our WooCommerce tutorials section.

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