What is the best logo size for WordPress website?

What is the best logo size for WordPress website?

Logo is the first image that comes to your visitor’s mind when they visit your website. For bloggers, the logo can be just a decoration piece that goes well with their slogan. Yet, for e-commerce stores, the logo is the brand representative that has a significant effect on business performance. Be sure you have chosen the best logo size for your intentions.

In this article, we will break down many aspects of a logo image, including shape, size, dimension, file format, and so on. Plus, you will gain some hands-on tips and best practices when selecting the best logo for your online business.

What shape should my logo be?

Before moving on with the right logo size for your WordPress website, let’s determine which shape is best for your logo. You can get creative following some inspiring logo designs, but bear in mind that certain shapes work better than the others. If I have to choose among triangle, circle, oval, square, or wide rectangle for my e-commerce shop, it would be either square or wide rectangle.

Square logos trigger stability in the human mind. When one looks at a square logo, they will get a sense of balance and a satisfying feel. The square shape also stands for security, and as a result, it can help develop first-phase customer trust and loyalty.

Good points of a square logo:

  • Easy to fit in various social media spaces
  • Modern and clean
  • Flexible to insert in graphic brochures, flyers, and banners
  • Bring a strong impression and professionalism

A logo with ratios ranging from 2:3 to 16:9 is typically good for human eyes. It optimized the chance of people quickly recognizing it even when it is placed among color-mixed contexts.

Fitting in the normal viewing area, a wide rectangle logo can boost your brand exposure. This is a psychological trick of long brand names like Coca-cola, Baskin-Robbins, or Dunkin’ Donuts. By using a distinctive font family, they enable the viewers to easily see the logo and recognize the brand even if they merely see a corner or a half of the whole image.

Good points of a wide rectangle logo:

  • Easy to insert your brand name
  • Goes well with all website header and footer
  • Enhance reliability

Please note that you will have more work to do if you opt for a wide rectangle logo. There are many platforms that require a square version of your logo, including favicon, gravatar, social media profile picture, app stores, business listing sites, and so on.

That is also what we will discuss in the next section. How many versions should we have for the logo? And what are they?

The short answer is yes, but not too many.

So which versions of a logo will you need for WordPress website?

A WordPress site typically has a light background header and a dark background footer. So you should create some variations for the logo so that it can be easily seen in different spaces.

  • Full color version
  • Black & white or one-color version
  • Light version
  • Dark version
  • Wide version
  • Stacked version

Remember that all these variations are just optional. After all, it all comes down to how you put together the symbol, icon, brand name and slogan/tagline in your logo.

Below is an example of a variation logo set of a dark version and a light version. You may use free logo maker online tools to generate the perfect tones for your logo versions.

Pro tip: Choose the primary color for your logo so that it stands out on both the light and the dark background.

Remember that the fewer variations, the better. Keeping one version of your logo can maximize the impact and strengthen the brand consistency, especially for small business owners.

Whatever the logo shape and variations you choose, make sure you prepare a square minimalistic symbol with all the critical details falling inside its inner circle. That is the best-optimized logo size to use in the social networks’ profile pictures — which are conventionally in round shape.

The best logo sizes for a WordPress ecommerce website

For a WordPress site, the ideal logo size depends on the theme you are using. Below are the optimal logo size for major spaces:

  • favicon: 16 x 16 px
  • square logo: 160 x 160 px
  • header logo: 200 x 100 px and could be larger depending on your header space
  • logo size: 400 x 200 px or smaller scale
Logo sizes for social media:
  • Facebook: 180 x 180 px
  • Instagram: 160 x 160 px
  • Youtube: 800 x 800 px
  • TikTok: 250 x 250 px
  • Twitter: 400 x 400 px
  • Quora: 200 x 200 px
  • Linkedin: 400 x 400 px
  • Pinterest: 165 x 165 px

The best logo size for WooCommerce order emails

Depending on your logo ratios, you will have different optimized logo size to display in each WooCommerce transactional email.

  • Square logo: 80 x 80
  • Rectangle logo: 138 x 80

Logo size best practices

  • Choose vector graphic in PNG format
  • Keep your logo file size under 50KB if you can
  • Pick one variation as the master and always try to apply that one first in any case

Wrapping Up

Your brand is a story in which logos and images are a narrator. Make sure you have started your storytelling with an optimal image of the best logo size.

When you want to add logos to images and showcase your products, you can utilize a WordPress watermark plugin. If you are selling physical products, you can include images of the products in your order confirmation emails. This will help customers visualize the products they have ordered and better remember your brand.

Learn more:

Should you have great examples of logos for your WordPress site, don’t hesitate to share your website in the comment box below!


If you use one of these extensions on your WooCommerce site, we recommend an upgrade to YayMail Pro version for full compatibility.

  • Shipment Tracking by WooCommerce
  • Checkout Field Editor by WooCommerce
  • Order Status Manager by SkyVerge
  • Admin Custom Order Fields by SkyVerge
  • Advanced Shipment Tracking by Zorem
  • YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking
  • Flexible Checkout Fields by WPDesk
  • Custom Order Status by TycheSoftwares
  • Checkout Field Editor by ThemeHigh
  • WooCommerce Show Attributes
  • Back In Stock Notifier | WooCommerce Waitlist Pro by codewoogeek
  • WPML | WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Polylang
  • TranslatePress

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