How to Create Product Videos for WooCommerce with VEED.IO

How to Create Product Videos for WooCommerce with VEED.IO

Do you want to increase your sales? Producing product videos can help you achieve that. The idea that people buy based on photos and descriptions is completely outdated. This shows that even e-commerce owners sometimes get it wrong! 

It’s not as if I have something against any type of media — and definitely not white papers or other content types. They’re very valuable in their own way and when used properly (despite common excuses, such as being too time-consuming or difficult to create). 

Videos are a fantastic way to increase conversion rates of your WooCommerce store. As a matter of fact, on average, product videos convert at 250% the rate of images. So why wouldn’t you be using them? 

If you’re new to video production, don’t worry as VEED makes video production and editing more easy and accessible to everybody. Plus, you don’t have to download any software.

What Types of Videos Can you Make with VEED?

Explainer videos and sales pitch videos are both types of videos that aim to communicate a message or sell a product. They differ in the way they do this. Explainer videos use more visual elements, while sales pitch videos are usually made up of text and audio.

Explainer videos are great because they can be used to give potential customers an idea of what your product is, what it does, and why they should buy it. Sales pitch videos are great because they can be used to have an actual conversation with the viewer about what you have to offer and why they should buy it. Either way, these WooCommerce product videos are effective in getting people interested in your product or service!

How Will You Create Product Videos for WooCommerce with VEED?

When it comes to creating both explainer and sales pitches, VEED has the easiest tools and dashboard that you can use and experiment with. 

The first thing you need to do is click the “New Video” button. You will either choose Create Project if you have existing video footage or Start Recording to film a video that you’ll use just make sure to do a microphone and webcam test prior to recording.

A pop-up window will appear and you can either start a Blank Page and upload your files or you can take advantage of the Templates available on this online video editor.

Either way, you can still upload your raw footage and start editing. There is no one shoe fits all to every video when you edit with VEED. When you edit your video, you will be deciding on which tools you might need to use. 

All of the tools and assets (stock videos and more) are on the left side of the browser window. Editing your video using VEED is easy given the different tools like video cropping, and trimming. The best starter for a good product video is HQ raw video.

On the left side panel, you will see different commands to edit your videos. You can resize your videos, choose the video duration, change your background to either a different color or a photo, and remove background noise for enhanced audio quality. Under “Settings”, you can click the video itself and you will have more controls to enhance the volume of your video, change the speed of your video, and so much more.

You can also add stock videos and audio to your raw product video. For Explainer Videos, adding Subtitles and Texts is of good use. You can overlay the texts on certain parts of your video and adjust its placement by simply dragging the track on parts of the timeline starting and ending at a more specific time or by inputting a specific time on the toolbar. You can customize the text’s font size, style, shadow, letter spacing, and many more.

When you have an audio, it can automatically be added as a subtitle or you can manually type in captions. When selecting Auto Subtitle, you can automatically transcribe the sound and you may select the Language used. This will help you to avoid manually typing each word uttered in the video. And just like the texts, you can customize the style, timing, and duration of each caption.

To add more life and creativity to your video you can add different Elements, Transitions, Filters, and even Draw on your video.

Having a lot of clips and texts to be added can quite be confusing as to what element is being worked on. Luckily, with VEED’s timeline, you can effortlessly select the clip and add your edits. When needing to cut out clips for your clip just use the Split tool on the timeline to remove any section of the video that you don’t want. The timeline can be found at the bottom of the window and could be adjusted to view more elements. 

Lastly, will all the changes you made to make your product video more professional, export your clip through the button at the top right of the dashboard. You may export it on three different qualities. These videos to be added on websites for example could possibly affect your site’s speed due to its large file size. VEED is also equipped with a video compressor and all other tools. 

Tips for a Better Product Video

  1. Keeping it Short and Simple

Don’t be afraid to cut down the length of your video if it’s too long or complicated. Your goal is to give people a clear idea of your product without overwhelming them with information.

  1. Show Them The Product

It’s better to show your product in action than just describe what it does—and keep your video interesting by adding little details that make the viewer feel like they’re getting behind-the-scenes access to your products and brand! Don’t forget to showcase your product videos in WooCommerce email templates as well!

  1. Provide Data Supporting Your Product Claims

It’s important to note that the more relevant information you provide about your product in your video, the more likely it is that someone will buy it. Don’t just create a generic sales pitch—talk about the benefits of using this particular item over other options on the market!

  1. Strategically Place Your Video On Your Site

The placement of your video on your website can have a huge impact on how many people view it and whether they make a purchase. It’s important that visitors can see your product videos as soon as they land on your site without having to scroll down. If you have an online store with products listed in a sidebar or footer, then place the video above those sections so that they’re visible to everyone who visits the page.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand and products. They can be used on their own or as part of a larger marketing campaign, helping to improve your conversion rates by up to 80%. If you want to create product videos for your WooCommerce store, then you need VEED.IO. This tool will help you to make a professional video for each of your products in just a few minutes. Who says video editing is only for professionals? 

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