How to Offer WooCommerce Category Discount (Step By Step Guide)

How to Offer WooCommerce Category Discount (Step By Step Guide)

Do you want to offer a WooCommerce category discount on your online store? If you are looking for a dedicated guide, keep reading this article. Here, we will show you everything you need to know about WooCommerce category discounts and how to configure them properly.

When you run a WooCommerce store, you should develop multiple strategies to boost sales and conversions. To increase the conversion rates, offering a discount is a good idea.

But do you know that WooCommerce discount promotion can take you to the next level?

Instead of creating site-wide coupon codes, you can offer discounts on specific categories or products. In some situations, offering a WooCommerce category discount would come in handy.

By default, the WooCommcerce plugin doesn’t come with this feature. We have this guide to help you implement a WooCommerce category discount feature. Here, we will explain why offering category discounts is a good idea and how to implement this feature in your online store.

First, let’s see why offering WooCommerce category discounts is a good option.

Why Offering WooCommece Category Discount Is Good?

Offering category discounts is good. For example, offering category-only discounts would be helpful if you are running a tech event and need to give discounts only on tech-related products like mobiles, computer parts, and laptops.

This way, you can only give discounts on specific products. Another notable advantage of category discounts is quickly increasing sales and conversion. Since most people would love to get a discount on products they need, the customers will get the product without any second thoughts.

This way, you can increase the overall revenue of your online store.

Now you know why offering WooCommerce category discounts is good. Next, let’s see how to offer WooCommerce category discounts properly.

How to Offer WooCommerce Category Discount?

This section will show how to offer Woo product category discounts in various situations. The situations we are going to cover are:

  • Set up a category-wide discount
  • Buy one, get one offer
  • Buy x, get y for free offer
  • Bulk pricing discount for product categories
  • Buy x, get y for a discount
  • Apply total cart discount for specific categories
  • Discounts on shipping on particular categories

To make the process simple, we will use YayPricing. YayPricing is a freemium tool to add/modify custom rules on your WooCommerce installation. For this tutorial, we will use the premium version of it.

Check out the WordPress plugins repository if you are into the free version.

Let’s look closely at each situation where we can offer the WooCommerce category discount.

1. Create Category-Wide Discount

After activating the plugin, you can see the settings under the YayCommerce option.

YayPricing settings

If you check the top bar, you will see five options.

yaypricing settings
  • Product Pricing
  • Cart Discount
  • Checkout Fee
  • Exclusions
  • Settings

In this case, we will create a new rule in the product pricing section. To complete the task, click on Add New Rule.

add new pricing rule

You will see a set of pre-made campaign options on the next screen.

all campaigns

In our case, we will choose the Sale $10 OFF campaign.

sale $10 off campaign

Now, give the rule a name.

category discount campaign

The name is for identification. It won’t have any effect on the front end of the website. You do not need to modify the rule type.

Once you are done with it, move to the Pricing Options.

pricing options

There are three pricing types:

  • Fixed Discount
  • Percentage Discount
  • Flat Price

You can choose an option based on your requirements. In this case, we will select the Percentage Discount. After that, enter the discount amount. We plan to give a 25% discount on every purchase in a specific category. So, in the field, enter 25.

25% discount

Use the third option if you need to add a cap on the discount. This way, you can prevent the discount amount from exceeding a certain amount.

Now, move to the Buy products section. Instead of all products, you can choose the Product Category option from the dropdown.

product category

Now, select the categories you need to apply the discount. You can always add multiple categories to the list.

add categories

You can click the view selected products button to see all the products affected by the rule.

view selected products

If you go to the Settings section, you can see further customization options.

yaypricing settings option

Configuring these options will help you improve the user experience and let the customers know about your discount program. Plus, you can limit the discount usage per account using the usage limits feature.

Conditions are another notable feature you would love. Using this feature, we could specifically target specific people or situations. If you only need to allow discounts on a cart with a higher sell amount than $100, conditions would be handy.

cart pricing condition

Once you have modified everything, save the settings. This way, you can create a category-wide discount on your online store. When someone gets a product from the specified category, a 25% discount will be automatically applied.

2. Create Buy One Get One Deals for Specific Categories

The next type of discount you can offer is related to BOGO deals. Under the Product Pricing section, you will see the Buy X Get X campaign. Select it.

buy x get y

The idea is simple. Customers will get the second product for a discounted price when they purchase a product. Once you have selected the pre-made campaign, tweak the campaign name and discount type.

get discount

Make sure you have selected discount as the primary option. In the condition we displayed above, when someone buys a product, they will get a 50% discount on the second purchase. Besides a percentage discount, you can also enable a fixed discount.

Modify the rules according to your liking and move to the next step. As we did earlier, the last thing you need to do is modify the Buy Products section. Instead of all products, select the category you prefer.

add categories

This way, you can set up BOGO deals with a discount using YayPricing.

3. Create Buy X Get Y for Free Campaign for Specific Categories

Our next option is to buy X and get Y for free. To boost the conversion rates, this strategy would be best. First, select the Buy X Get Y campaign from the Product Pricing tab.

buy x get y

The default campaign needs some customization. The first thing you need to do is configure the Buy Products option.

buy products

The options you have there are:

  • Number of products
  • Type
  • In the list/ not in the list
  • Specify products/ archives

In this case, we will be configuring the rule like this: when someone purchases three items from the air purifying category, they will get one product for free.

So the new rule will look like this:

new buy product rule

Come to the Get Products section and select the items to give away. Make sure you have chosen the get type as free.

get free item

After modifications, save the rule. Now, when someone purchases a specific amount of products from the mentioned category, they will get one product for absolutely free. As mentioned earlier, this is an excellent strategy to increase sales and conversions. When you need to run a clearance sale, try this method.

4. Add Bulk Pricing Discounts for Specific Categories

This section will explain how to add discounts on bulk purchases. Offering discounts on bulk orders is a good idea to boost the conversion rates. Here is how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is create a custom campaign under the product pricing tab.

create own campaign

Name the campaign and choose Bulk Pricing as the rule type.

bulk pricing rule

Next, configure the Pricing Range section.

pricing range

We have selected the minimum order quantity as five products in this case. The discount type is on a percentage basis, and the value is 10%. On top of that, there is a maximum cap on the discount, which is $200.

This rule is ideal in most situations. So far, we have configured the rule properly but haven’t assigned it to any products or product categories. To configure that part, add a new rule.

add new rule

Now, choose the product category from the dropdown and select the categories you wish to apply the rule.

buy rules

Once you are done with the configuration, save the settings. From now on, the new condition will work seamlessly based on the configurations.

That’s it! Next, let’s see how to create a buy x, get y discount rule using YayPricing.

5. Create Buy X Get Y Discount for Specific Categories

Last time, we created a rule where the customers will get a free product while purchasing X amount of goods. This time, we will explain how to give them a discount on the fourth product. The idea is pretty simple. While configuring the rule, choose discount instead of free.

discount rule

This way, you can offer the customer a whopping discount for the fourth purchase. We recommend keeping the discount rule if you need to boost your overall revenue.

6. Offer Total Cart Discounts on Specific Categories

While a customer purchases many items from the same category, giving them a discount would be helpful. Choose any campaigns in the Cart Discount section to set up cart discounts.

cart discount

In this case, we will choose the %-based discount campaign. You can always change the discount type from the editor, so there are no issues if you need to switch things later.

50% discount campaign

From the next page, you can choose the discount type and amount. Here, we will select a 20% discount.

category discount amount

Now that part is clear. The next thing you need to do is set up the conditions. We will set up two conditions.

  • Product category
  • Product quantity

Also, choose the combined condition rule from the dropdown.

combined conditions

Here, we have configured the rules like this:

combination condition added

The first condition mentions the category where this dynamic pricing rule needs to be applied. The second condition will help us to specify the minimum order quantity to get the discount. Similarly, you can list all the categories using the combined condition.

all categories listed - WooCommerce category discount

Here, the discount will be applied when someone purchases ten or more products. One last thing to note is the rule needs to be used when any of the conditions are met instead of all.

any conditions are met - WooCommerce category discount

After configuring the discount conditions, save the rule.

This way, you could offer cart discounts on specific categories.

7. Offer Discounted Shipping on Specific Categories

Everyone loves free shipping. You can increase sales by implementing a free shipping/discounted shipping rate. Here is how you can offer discounted shipping on specific categories.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Checkout Fee section. There, add a new rule. The campaign should Reduce 50% shipping fees for orders below 100$.

reduce shipping fee - WooCommerce category discount

Once you have done that, configure the shipping discount you need. In this case, we will provide a 20% discount on shipping.

shipping discount - WooCommerce category discount

After modifying the discount type and value, move to the conditions section.

all conditions - WooCommerce category discount

The condition type should be cart item – category.

cart item - category

Next, add the categories to the box.

add category shipping discount - WooCommerce category discount

Once you are done, save the settings. When someone purchases products from your online store, they will get a 20% shipping discount when they have products in the cart from the mentioned categories.

That’s it!

This way, you can enable discounted shipping on specific categories and increase the conversion rate.

How to Use YayPricing for Further Optimization

Using the YayPricing plugin, you can optimize your online store further. The two main options we recommend are:

  • Setting up an upselling notice
  • Configuring product sale display

Let’s take a quick look at each option.

1. Upselling Notice

Upselling is a popular marketing strategy that is used to sell more products. Once you have configured the rules, open the upselling settings.

encourage notice

You can enable upselling for

  • Product pricing
  • Cart discounts
  • Checkout fee


In this case, we have configured a product pricing rule where customers can add two products to their cart to get one for free.

Once you have modified the conditions, enable the upselling option.

display upselling - WooCommerce category discount

You can also tweak the notice text to make it more professional. In this case, the default text is fine. Once you have made changes to the upselling notice, save the settings. Now, test the new modifications in the front end by adding two products to your cart.

upselling text - WooCommerce category discount

As you can see in the screenshot, the website will show a notice to the customer, which will help the website owner to sell more products.

This way, you can encourage people to get more products.

2. Product Sale Display

The product sale display can be found in the YayPricing settings section.

product sale display - WooCommerce category discount

The main configurations available are:

  • Sale tag display options
    • Discountable price range
    • Current discount tier
    • Next discount tier as if one more item is added
  • Sale tag options
  • Product price display

Let’s keep a closer look at each configuration.

The first option controls displaying the sale tags and discounted prices in the front end.

sale tag display - WooCommerce category discount

You can display a sale tag from the sale tag settings on the product image. You can also show the discount range on the label.

sale tag - WooCommerce category discount

Under the product display price, you will get two options.

product display options - WooCommerce category discount

You can display the product’s discounted price instead of the actual price using those. This will help grab customer’s attention quickly. The second configuration option is to show the actual price through a strikethrough.

You can choose a configuration option based on your preferences and save the YayPricing settings.


Since the WooCommerce plugin doesn’t have many dynamic pricing options, YayPricing could be one of the best tools to tweak the pricing, offer discounts, and sell more goods. As you can see in this article, you do not need to deal with codes or complex configurations to deal with dynamic product pricing.

In short, we have shown you multiple situations where you can offer WooCommerce category discount on your online store. Therefore, we highly recommend checking out the tool. Based on your requirements and preferences, start implementing the strategies and making more conversions.

How are you going to configure the WooCommerce category discount?

Let us know in the comments.

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