Top 5 Photo Retouching Services to Boost Your E-Commerce Quickly

Top 5 Photo Retouching Services to Boost Your E-Commerce Quickly

Are you interested in learning more about photo retouching services to boost your e-commerce store? High-quality product photos are the cornerstone of any successful eCommerce operation. If you want to attract the attention of your audience, you have to consistently produce professional photos. 

The world’s leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon only post images that feature true-to-life colors, don’t have a background or are shot in a professional studio, and don’t have any flaws. If you’d like to avoid wasting time going through dozens of subpar services that are boosted by fake reviews, check out this overview. Discover what the best eCommerce image editing services have to offer, how they can improve the quality of your photos, and why they are adored by their clients.

1. FixThePhoto


Fixthephoto is widely believed to be the go-to image editing service provider for professionals. They have experience working with photographers from over 85 countries and have already retouched more than 3000k images over 15 years. Our expectations from this service were high and they were met completely.

Services: The agency provides both basic image editing for people who simply need to touch up their photos and more advanced services that involve creating 3D effects, adding shadows, and performing other complex manipulations. Other than being masters of product photography, FixThePhoto also deal with portrait, fashion, nude, wedding, and real estate image retouching while also excelling at photo restoration.

Pricing: FixThePhoto is one of the most attractive image retouching services in terms of pricing. They are ready to accommodate photographers of all possible budgets, as the cost for photo retouching ranges from $0.05 to $100 per photo. The agency also provides discounts of 15% and higher for orders of 50 or more images.

Turnaround: Less than 24 hours.

Final Result: The agency’s experts delivered a fantastic result so I didn’t have a single complaint. Their retouchers possess all the skills necessary to competently handle an order of any complexity. They made the background perfectly white, and removed the softbox. We also liked how they smoothed out the wrinkles on the jacket to make it more attractive.

FixThePhoto professionals are also capable of altering the product’s color for cases where you’re selling multiple identical products in different colors and they also offer a background replacement service. Such convenient retouching techniques will allow you to avoid the hustle of having to constantly switch backdrops during the photoshoot or take photos of endless rows of identical products.

How to Place an Order on FixThePhoto?

Placing an order with FixThePhoto requires minimum time and effort. Simply complete the steps described below.

Step 1. Click on Try for Free 


To make an order, start by pressing on Try for Free anywhere on the website.

Step 2.  Pick the Desired Image Editing Service


You’ll be greeted by a rundown of all the image editing services provided by the agency, which encompass portrait, wedding, child, jewelry, real estate, and product photography among many others. Pick the option you’re interested in.

Step 3. Upload the Images


Now, you can either import images from your PC/laptop, DropBox storage, email, or WeTransfer. If a file is larger than 50MB, you’ll have to transfer it via cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive. The platform doesn’t have any restrictions regarding the number of photos you can upload. Once you’re done, wait for the upload to finish.

Step 4. Press Continue


Make sure you’ve uploaded all of the images you wanted, and press Continue.

Step 5. Choose the Template


You can either choose a ready-made template for popular e-commerce platforms, or opt for the manual template to create a unique order.

Step 6. Specify the E-Commerce Template


We’ll choose Amazon, since it’s currently the most popular e-commerce platform. There are also eBay, Google Shopping, and ASOS templates.

Step 7.  Enter Basic Settings


You’ll be taken to a webpage that lets you provide detailed requirements regarding your order. Here, you can choose the background color, and whether your photos need a border. You can also specify the output file size. 

Afterward, you’ll have to pick vertical alignment, whether you require color correction, and the desired file format (typically JPEG or PNG).

Step 8. Enter Advanced Settings


As for advanced settings, you have an opportunity to specify the color profile, compression level, DPI, whether the service needs to add a watermark, or remove metadata. The advanced settings are included in the price.

Step 9. Include Additional Options


If you need any additional services, like adding shadows & reflections, recoloring, or removing mannequins you’ll have to pay extra.

Step 10. Place the Order


If you’re interested in receiving the results as soon as possible, you can opt-in for the Rush Service. You can request the order to be completed within 36 hours for an additional fee of 50% or within 24 hours for an extra 75% of the overall order cost. FixThePhoto also accepts coupons if you got one. 

Step 11. Done! Wait for the Results


You’ll find the invoice for the editing in your email box shortly after. Now you simply have to wait while FixThePhoto professionals do their job. You can track your order’s progress by going to My Orders.

Summing Up: The most attractive option on this list! Taking advantage of this photo retouching agency will help you boost your eCommerce venture to previously unseen heights.

2. WeEdit.Photos

WeEdit.Photos provides a broad range of top-tier image retouching services for eCommerce business owners, ad companies, and photographers alike since 2003.

Services:  When reaching out to this agency, you can request basic color correction, backdrop deletion, and photo enhancement services. Other than retouching product images, their experts can also enhance portrait photography and other genres. You can explore the full list of their 12 unique image editing services by visiting the official website.

Pricing: WeEdit.Photos are one of the most attractive options when it comes to pricing. It offers straightforward and transparent packages that range from $0.2 to $10 per image. Return customers also get noticeable discounts. Additionally, the agency ensures all your photos are retouched professionally and if you won’t be happy with the delivery, you can request a refund or a free revision.

Turnaround: In less than 36 hours.

Final Result: Our image has undergone a magnificent transformation. Thanks to the performed color correction, the product no longer looks bland and uninteresting, as it now instantly catches the eye of any viewer with bespoke images and product videos

The colors not only look rich and full of life but also maintain their natural appeal that fits fashion and food stores. The retouchers followed all other specifications that we’ve made when creating the order as well. They’ve masterfully removed the mannequin leg, and cleaned up the shoe.

Summing Up: The demonstrated image editing and retouching expertise places this agency on the same level as the world’s leading eCommerce retouchers. A solid recommendation for anyone interested in such services.

3. Wedding-Retouching


You might be surprised to see a wedding photography-oriented agency on the list of the top photo retouching services to boost your e-commerce store, but it has managed to deliver better results than other services that mainly specialize in eCommerce photography and supposedly have years of relevant experience. We were highly satisfied with Wedding-Retouching, an agency that has been providing top-tier wedding photo editing services since 2013.

Services:  The offered range of services encompasses picture culling, color correction, image retouching, backdrop enhancement, and unwanted object deletion. 

Pricing: The agency offers its services at very attractive prices, as you’ll only have to pay $0.2 per photo for color correction, $2 for a basic edit, $5 for pro-level edits, and $10 for advanced manipulations. Akin to FixThePhoto, this option also lets you make bulk orders of up to 700 images while receiving a fantastic discount.

Turnaround: Less than 48 hours.

Final Result: The company’s employees have demonstrated terrific mastery in color correction, as they made the contrast and white balance in our photos look perfect. They did a fantastic job enhancing all the colors without altering them or making them look unnatural. They also removed the watch display holder, and cleaned up the dust. We also liked how they removed the reflection from the wrist watch dial, making it perfectly black.

Summing Up: A highly reputable agency that employs seasoned retouchers. Terrific attention to detail, reasonable pricing, and quick delivery.

4. Pixel By Hand


Pixel By Hand boasts about having over 15 years of professional experience but the results we’ve received don’t support that claim. While the agency states they’ve helped launch and maintain hundreds of eCommerce platforms for various brands and retailers, their own site lacks a detailed rundown of what clients they’ve been working with.

Services: The company lets you request such services as backdrop removal, general retouching, clipping path, and color correction.

Pricing: $1.85 or determined individually. This agency doesn’t have a detailed price list. The only number you can see is $1.85 for individual or small orders – everything else is calculated on a case-by-case basis. This is rather weird since the customers need to have at least a rough estimate of how much their order will cost before reaching out to an agency.

Turnaround: Within 24 hours.

Final Result: Their experts have provided amateur-level edits that are far below the quality we’ve received from other services on this list. The retouchers didn’t do a good job retouching imperfections. 

They were very sloppy when retouching the clothing wrinkles, and removed only a couple of them. The final result looks a little bit overexposed. Besides, they didn’t remove the background, even though we specifically asked them to. They just made it lighter and that’s all. 

Summing Up: Working with this company was nothing short of disappointing. The offered eCommerce photo editing services don’t meet modern industry standards. The provided level might be suitable for beginning eCommerce websites that aren’t as picky about the quality of their images, but established websites would probably cancel their order and avoid contacting this service in the future.

5. Pixelz


Pixelz was established in 2011 under a different name – “Remove the Background”, serving the straightforward purpose of allowing eCommerce store owners to produce professional product photos. Our expectations from this service were quite high and we ended up being a little disappointed. 

Services: It offers editorial and eCommerce services.

Pricing: The service has adopted a subscription-based model, with its prices ranging from $95 to $1995 per month. The Pro package covers 200 photos and will send you back $95. Meanwhile, the Enterprise package lets you order as many photos as you need while being offered at $1995.

Turnaround:  Professional plan subscribers receive the results within 24 hours while the turnaround for Enterprise subscribers starts at 3 hours.

Final Result: The results provided by this company show a subpar level of expertise and the delivered quality isn’t high enough to consider Pixelz one of the best product image editing services. The original black color of the boots turned into purple. Their retouchers attempted to smooth out the product, but failed terribly. 

They blurred out the texture completely, as well as the edges of the product. The details of the boots do not look sharp at all. Besides, the background looks worse in the after photo. It looks grey, when it’s supposed to be white.

Summing Up: After receiving the photo, we can confidently say that we would probably never pay for an image of such quality again. This agency can only be entrusted with basic retouching tasks, as it seems to be unable to handle more complex requests.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the top product photo editing service to help you remove photo flaws in a few stages and get the best out of your product showcase. These services can give your e-commerce store a blooming look in minutes and become the primary driver of increased income for your business.

Once you achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted, now it’s time to start using YayPricing to create a conditional discounts for your WooCommerce store.


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